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  1. I signed up on the orginal thread on 11/22 between ottawa_biatch and Rhinestonecowboy. They made the list and several other after me made the list. Ya skipped right on over me. Do i suck that bad?? [smelling pits] I don't stink!!Oh well, have fun!!
  2. Ok, so im pretty new to poker. Ive done alot of reading, and piddling around on a few poker sites (party, pacific and ub, so im not eligible for 1st deposit bonus at these sites). After playing on these sites and eventually losing the little bit of money that i put in, i decided that i wanted to build a bankroll and play within "bankroll management". I deposited $100.00 in bodog and got an instant $100.00 match, while clearing my bonus, i also made $100.00. Leaving my bankroll at $300.00 and looking for new bonuses which led me to the Bonuswhores.com site. (will not allow link, censors it)R
  3. Wow, what are we in 5th grade english class? :roll:
  4. Sounds to me like you have your "poker bankroll" and your "life savings" confused as one. They are 2 seperate things. Maybe it's just me, but your post is a little confusing.A poker bankroll has to be just that, for poker only. And it has to be an amount you are comfortable losing and still be able to pay your bills and living expenses. If $7000 is actually your bankroll that you have built and you need it for bills, PAY your bills with it and start over again with a small amount like...Say you deposit $200.00 to play poker with. $200 is your Bankroll. Try not to see this money as cash(b
  5. If its the one im thinkin, it's by neil young solo.NEIL YOUNG - Down By The River Lyrics Be on my side,I'll be on your side,babyThere is no reasonfor you to hideIt's so hard for mestaying here all aloneWhen you could betaking me for a ride.Yeah, she could drag meover the rainbow,send me awayDown by the riverI shot my babyDown by the river,Dead, oh, shot her dead.You take my hand,I'll take your handTogether we may get awayThis much madnessis too much sorrowIt's impossibleto make it today.Yeah, she could drag meover the rainbow,send me awayDown by the riverI shot my babyDown by the river,Dead, o
  6. I signed up too. first it said the tourney was paused, then just disappeared. I called the 800 number and they said it was canceled due to technical difficulties.
  7. Go to cardplayers.com home page, scroll down to the bottom and sign up for bodog through that link. The bonus is a match on your first 100.00 deposit and the bonus is instantly credited to your account for you to play with. Cant withdraw it till you clear the bonus, but a great deal none the less. Also better than the 30% from the friend referral. Not for the friend though.
  8. Well he was voted one of the top 50 sexiest people in People Magazine!!If he's considered one of the sexiest people then PokerGhost must be in the top 10 Dont know if i would go that far, but heres an article about it if you dont believe me.http://www.cardplayer.com/poker_magazine/a...4525&m_id=65555
  9. Well he was voted one of the top 50 sexiest people in People Magazine!!
  10. i was going to post that as well... Huge Floyd fan, that being one of my favorite songs!!
  11. WTG!! CONGRATS!! thanks for the updates too!
  12. LOL I was wondering where the pizza was while reading your post. Sorry to laugh at your discomfort, but that is hilarious because i can see the same thing happening to me as i make my mid hand sprints to the kitchen!
  13. Sorry, dont have Empire dl'd, but im keep up from here. Keep posting plz. And Good Luck!!
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