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  1. When you play better than them start making threads about them.
  2. One of rylands display pictures, im not sure if you can only see it if you are his friend like me. Im not sure whats funnier, him or the comments.http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=4914...mp;id=502222760
  3. Damn he put me on his limited profile. I think I could get a full but any ideas what I should do once I have gained his trust?
  4. I just sent him a friend request. I had no idea he was on there but I plan to aggrovate him.
  5. Doug

    Bet On It

    This http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=omCFKGhe5j8
  6. as long as you talk about pool and bet $3000 against this guy you should be ok ^^
  7. I just love how people with 5k posts + are calling the people with 400 posts in this thread trolls when most of their posts are things like "shut up doug" or "wat". I also love how this thread got turned into a pool debate but because that was the in crowd who discussed that with 8k posts+ each nobody really cared.I also don't know how you can say this bet had a 1% chance of going through when it was obvious this guy doesn't have $100 online. Seems like a 0% chance to me, it was just an ego competition to see who could book the biggest bet with this guy - which is probably the reason you guys
  8. asking people not to voice their opinions in a public forum and conducting a huge transfer of money in this joke of a thread is pretty stupid really.
  9. I dont know how you can go mad at people for getting involved when they shouldnt have when there was nothing to get involved in from the word go. Firstly look at his past posts, secondly he said he would bet 9k, then the bet escalated to some high number and people all wanted a piece of the action and he didnt think twice about getting more action on the bet he was just taking anything.Also this is a forum, people can post where they like. If you wanted to set up this bet properly im sure you could have done it over AIM or using the PM function on this forum. To be honest compared to 2p2 the w
  10. All the money is being shipped to a mod so this guy can't scam right? I seriously doubt he has 9k to bet.
  11. 70, my mind went blank though it was harder than i thought.
  12. I was watching last night when he thought he had his mic turned off and he says he was trying to get more action because he figured out he was playing too tight which is when he had that losing streak. Also he is using pokertracker 3 so he thinks he could be +2k~ because PT3 is still bugged.IMO he will win this bet from what i've seen.
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