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  1. First of all. Im a REAL football fan. I support my LOCAL HOME team. I go to every match and watch from the stands. Im a season ticket holder. Im NOT an ARMCHAIR critic who talks shit they don't know.If you watch a 0-0 game on tv that has a team sitting really deep to hold the scoreline down you might find it boring. If you were sat in the stadium amonst the 100 thousand fans screaming, shouting and chanting you would find it an unforgetable experience. If you can see the whole thing up close and not just the tiny section on the tv its different. Every week i go to watch Man United and
  2. arrrghh hahahahawhat a bunch of tossers.YOUR SPORTS, YOUR SPORTS, YOUR SPORTS ARE F**CKING SHIT. YOUR SPORTS ARE F**CKING SHIT.James D - you think i care about grammer? If i did id of gone to school. Cockny little muppet.Go watch ya boyfirned play rugby union or summat you little bitch. It is faggots like you that are the reason our north stand is so quiet. You prawn sandwidge eating excuse for a human.Grammer, your funny.BigD HeShe - We had that conversation beofre...im not a chav and you only use the word because it is the only insult you seem to know. If im a chav as you so confident
  3. Even if the Brazil star Ronaldo hadn't done this and it was just an acusation against Cristiano...where did they think he was on Tuesday night? I saw him in Manchester myself with my own eyes lol. He was on the pitch at old trafford while United scraped past Barca to the european cup final. The biggest competition in club football lol. The idiots who printed this shit shouldn't be allowed to comment on football if they cant even get something as simple as this correct. I'd sue em, if i was Cristiano because there'll be plenty of idiot yanks who think it is really him in question.The stor
  4. Are you yank that thick that you all actually think Manchester uniteds Cristiano Ronaldo is the Ronaldo who plays for AC milan?I know your not really but the dickhead whose wrote this peice in the paper in the states is. He's put Ronnies picture with the articlehttp://www.teamtalk.com/Images/215069.jpg
  5. Calzaghe wasn't as impressive as most people expected though was he. Not 1 sane Calzaghe fan can stand up and say they weren't worried as that descision was read out. When i 1st watched the fight i saw it in a whole different vision to the next time i watched it. I thought Hopkins had knicked it but i watched it replayed the other day and Hopkins just didnt throw anything to follow up.Calzaghe was lucky though....only say this because it was in Vegas. In Cardif i'd of never doubted the result but in vegas the descisions can be a bit f*cked up. Look at Lewis Holyfield 1. Sick descision.Ho
  6. Dear NikkiIs it gay to play put put golf with a friend and watch his butt butt when he tees off but but i aint done that and in football the quarter back yells out while he reaches in another grown mans arse grabs on his nuts but just what if it was never meant it was just an accident but he tripped, slipped, fell and his penis went in his teeny tiny little round hiney an he didnt mean it but his little weeny flinched just a little bit and i dont mean to go into any more details but what if he pictured it as a females butt. Is that gay? I just need to clear things up!
  7. If they foght 10 times then PBF might win all 10 but he is nothing like Gatti at all.Only thing he has in common with Gatti is that they both lost to mayweather.
  8. You have to be gay to go to this don't you?Big men in speedos touching each other in areas i'd not like to be touched in by a man.
  9. Its not signed and sealed yet but its pretty much a formality now that they will fight. I predict the papars for this fight will be signed before the end of this month from what i heard off Frank Warren today. Plus what Warren was saying was pretty much backed up by golden boy.Were sending another 1 over to you with an unbeaten record.I'll stand by my man again lol and say Calzaghe will win...after all, he isnt fighting PBF is he haha. I like Hopkins though but Calzaghe is good...did lacey with ease and totally out classed that manfredo pretender..sorry "contender. Stood his ground to a m
  10. Yeah Hatton did his beat. Wasn't good enough. I had to talk all the shit that i talked before the fight. I talked like that live in person to people about the fight...becaused i beleived Hatton would win - i had to beleive because if i didnt beleive id be a bad fan.Deep down as the night grew closer i had my doubts - id never seen the Gatti fight before and then i saw extensive highlights of the fight and thats when the doubts hit me.I thought PBF was fairly average v DLH and this is another reason why i thought ricky would win but PBF is good and deserves to be PFP best.
  11. Ricky Hatton's dreams of becoming the best boxer on the planet have been dashed by a Floyd Mayweather masterclass. The Hitman was floored in the 10th round of a frustrating contest in front of a star-studded and passionate British crowd at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. Mayweather - with a lot of help from referee Joe Cortez - controlled the fight and finished it off in style by putting the Hitman down with a left hook. Hatton climbed back up, but his legs had gone and another right sent him careering back on to the ropes, before a simple nudge put him on his back again and forced the referee to
  12. I don't need no excuses - all you yank scum stick together.Nothings been said right now because Hatton camp haven't watched the replay but when they do i'd be shocked if they didnt try and get a re match bout for themselves to fight in our country with a plausable ref.Joe Cortez was a f*cking joke last night.Floyds on a whole different level to anyone else. We already knew that but we didnt get to see rickys fight and not because flyod controlled the fight but because cortez did.Whats upset me the most with it is this - i just watched the manfredo v lacy fight replayed cos i missed that and t
  13. Could be true and probably is. But to make out like Fylod "MONEY" mayweather is a laid back down to earth guy is making you come across as a bit silly to me. Why? Because how can someone who has a load of flash cars and boasts about them, a massive house / masion and boasts about it and walks round saying shit like "lifestyle.....flash" be classed as a laid back normal person?Its not that he has those things that make him a tosser....its that he boasts abiout having them that make him a tosser. Its noty about him boasting how good he is that makes him a tosser because look at the great man
  14. So flyods so arrogant he wont even do an interview with a top tv presenter but he'll go spending time with every tom dick and harry.Proper bullshit what you just said. No offense but theres no way thats true - if you'd said you'd beeen out drinking with Hatton i'd of beleived you but not mayweather.
  15. Febregas is absolutly quality all round now. Really good but we aren't even half way through the season yet and he has no way proved himself to be the best player in the world. Neither has kaka who basically only had a good champions league last season and was poor in the seria a all season.It shit but kaka will most deffo get the official vote from fifa in december as the best player in the world. Simply because AC milan won the champions league. The only reason AC milan won the CL is cos Milan werent in contention to win Seria a so they could afford to rest key players at the back end of th
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