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  1. Therescavs day summarised in one hand: Stage #130797928 Tourney ID 5181969 Holdem Multi Normal Tournament No Limit 400 - 2010-04-05 12:21:17 (ET) Table: 13 (Real Money) Seat #8 is the dealer Seat 1 - FOLGERS21 (6,744 in chips) Seat 2 - ACE_FROST (5,212 in chips) Seat 3 - B22SMOOV (7,565 in chips) Seat 4 - CURLYQ14E (6,227 in chips) Seat 5 - POLLYANA_R (13,060 in chips) Seat 6 - DAVICITO21 (7,363 in chips) Seat 7 - CENTURY_BOB (4,330 in chips) Seat 8 - THERESCAV (9,067 in chips) Seat 9 - SINSKI111 (8,453 in chips) FOLGERS21 - Ante 50 ACE_FROST - Ante 50
  2. Playing and winning lots and lots and lots
  3. Will actually be playing MTTs on "sunday" (monday for me). Sunday 4m, $55 70k and a few others but not many. Skipping first day back of classes to play, LOL.
  4. So sad to hear this. DN I think the kind person you are reflected on the sort of person your mother seemed to be (from what you shared with us). Hope you get through this tough time man, thoughts and prayers are with ya.
  5. lol wtf. Either we are all assholes for condemning Ozium, or he is total scum for doing all this to avoid $1500 (much more likely)- I am a uni student doing crappy supermarket work, and even I don't consider 1500 to be a huge amount. You owe the $, get it somehow and ****ing pay it off.
  6. I rarely post on here anymore, and it's usually because of people like Poto that I stay away.Seriously, there are that many people vouching for Ryan vs Potato's blatant slander- of which he has no grounds. Do you even know him? Grow up dude.
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