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  1. it is thestarsexchange.comand they will buy 650 W$ for 530. I'll give you 540
  2. Raise more preflop. The preflop raise is way too small.Bet more on the flop. You should be betting atleast 3/4 pot here.
  3. If the guy is a rational player then this is a good fold. However, you should raise preflop.
  4. I don't check FCP forums much, but I happened to stumble upon this thread and found it quite interesting. Ddudley, you have lots of good advice and insight. So, I thank you for your openess and honest responses. You seem like a well-grounded nice person, so I feel compelled to try to help you out a little. Feel free to take any advice I give with a grain of salt. All I ask is you keep an open mind.You have a 60k BR. If the highest you've played is 10/20 then I must insist that you jump into a 15/30 game now. The 15/30 games are very juicy (on Party atleast), and the skill level is pretty much
  6. Nothing wrong with the push here. Just tough luck that he called with a bad ace and won the race. 5bb's leaves little room for postflop play. It's actually a bad play on his part to limp with a4os. He should have pushed. So, imo he made a mistake and got lucky whereas you played it just fine and got unlucky.
  7. So are you saying 2/4 is not a meaningful limit or that it is and you can't possibly make 4bb's/100?Because making 4bb's/100 is very doable over an extended period of time.
  8. Tough break. That's poker. With just over 10bb's you don't have much choice here. It's either allin or fold. The only other option is the stop and go play. Call the raise and push on the flop no matter what.
  9. Raise. If the tables that loose I wouldn't even worry about disguising my hand. I want to make my opponents pay to see the flop knowing I have the best possible starting hand. However, it doesn't mean that you should jam every street just because you have aces. Also, you can't worry about results. Aces get cracked all the time. Nothing you can do about it. However, you can't let bad beats affect your game. Playing scared and playing weak isn't the best route to take .
  10. I think you should always lead this river here. There are too many hands that he will call with that you have beat. He will prob call with any pocket pair or k. If he had an 8 he would've 3bet the turn. So, only thing that has you beat is a flush. Basically, if you are playing well and know your opponent wont raise the river without the flush then you can safely bet/fold the river which is FAR better than c/c on the river. If not, I still think bet/calling the river is still the best play since he will call you down with worse hands the majority of the time.
  11. Dump it on the flop. Not a good flop for your hand. You don't know if you're flush draw is even good. You're really drawing thin here. Just dump the hand and move on. No need to fight for a small pot in this situation.Since it got to the river I would check raise or bet/call. If he has tp he will call your c/r. So, c/r seems very profitable since it's likely he just has a pair and at most a set. If he flopped the nutflush he might have played it slower... (don't know depends on the player, no reads here). I think it's more than 2:1 that you have him beat so a c/r is +EV.
  12. This very much depends on your skill level of course . But honestly, I think if you are beating the games and can 8 table with no problem then you can get atleast 4bbs/100. I think 8+ is attainable too. However, considering the fact that you're playing 2/4, I think that 8 tabling is a really bad idea. If you're still in the low limits you should concentrate on beating the game and learning first, and this is very hard to do 8 tabling. The only time you should be multi-tabling really is when you are beating the game consistently and want to improve your hourly rate and build your bankroll quick
  13. A... his name has not already been mentioned in this thread. I checked before i posted and I checked for the 2nd time and no it is not mentioned before me. Russ Hamilton is mentioned. 2 different people.B... Google him. Specifically look him up from rgp. I heard some ridiculous names already. I only hope the people were joking.
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