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  1. man i wish i would of know about this i got to vegas on the 14th and came back last night... i would of railed a bit
  2. i may play, i dominate FCP fantasy football leagues. let me see how many other leagues i am in and i will let you know
  3. see the definitions used by the TN AG and most courts is what hurts poker. They will not look at long term results. the only thing that matters is the results of one hand, or one bet. if you look at just one hand or one bet poker unfortunately is always going to be deemed a game of chance because like they say you cannot control the outcome of any one hand. The only way to make it a game of skill is to convince them to look at the game long term and it seems that most are not willing to do that.
  4. Bob life is great! I hope everything is good with you. Yep thats basically what it comes down to. for the longest time the prosecutor basically said he wasnt going to prosecute because he thought he would have problems with proving the case. that was even after all the other surrounding cities commonwealth attorneys said it was illegal and even the City Attorney from portsmouth said it was illegal. Not really sure what changed his mind but it changed. I think it might have to do with how many have popped up in the last year and how much money is going in and out not being regulated, thes
  5. this is an article from my home town that i thought would be interesting. in portsmouth they have been running poker halls for a while now and but it looks like it could get very interesting with prosecutions of those who run them.http://hamptonroads.com/2010/07/portsmouth...ment-prosecutor
  6. i am a master at tecmo superbowl on nes
  7. agree with the frustration calls. i find myself doing this quite a bit when there is someone at a cash game with a very small stack and they refuse to add to there stack. Like when a guy takes a beat or loses a big pot and is left with much less than the minimum buy in sometimes they just sit there and complain forever. In these situtations i find myself calling with inferior hands just to try to get the guy out so a much bigger stack and more money can be brought to the table. Granted its not for a lot of money but over time this definately adds up.
  8. i really did quit. just had too much stuff going on, but i think i am going to start playing again, i will point out though i did play an $8 tourney last week on FTP for the first time in a long long time and i won it.... brag yeah i knowbut i still lurk here and i agree with steve and would like to know where everyone went
  9. i like the idea and i am interested. are 5 spots still open, dna i will pm you sometime tomorrow to let you know if i can do it.
  10. uh.... who doesnt want it?also i vote for jfarrell or whatever his name is.
  11. all i want to do is play some fantasy football. i kind of skimmed through this thread after i got a pm from Vick. could someone just pm me and tell me what league i am playing. wanted to play for 200 but i guess i can go down to 100. someone with a league together let me know please.
  12. i am in.... eventhough i only finished second in this league last year i think i really dominated everyone soul considering all my injuries
  13. tid hoos... i wish i could get out there but i am here in virginia. i did just do a search and found a flight that would put me out there at about 4:55pm vegas time. i would leave on sunday at around noon. it wasnt too bad either $750, but when i ran it by my wife she informed me that we had two weddings to go to today and that tomorrow was fathers dayLFT
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