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  1. That guy played the million final table like he was on life tilt and I'm really not surprised he has already donked it all off already.
  2. lol It's best not to read the comments of almost any article on a mainstream site.
  3. Played bad and tilted off money today.Results for the month could be better but at least I made money:September goals: Don't tilt
  4. I don't think there is a good reason to ever show your VIP level.
  5. Ya I was drinking last night and made a terrible choice to play poker and take a ridiculous shot. I was stupid and really lucky that I didn't lose my bankroll.
  6. Any estimates when the 65 billionth hand is gonna go down??
  7. lol Phil hellmuth indeededit: It was a very entertaining week! Maybe the best ever week of the big game.
  8. Thanks for the sympathy guysThis makes better!!!!!!!!!!!Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Feral Cow Poker Hand ConverterHEM/Poker Stars NL Hold'em $3.00/$6.00 - 8 playersSB: $774.45 BB: $306.00 UTG: $687.70 (Hero)UTG+1: $474.00 MP: $730.80 HJ: $618.00 CO: $239.80 Button: $1,735.70 Preflop: ($9.00) Hero is UTG with (8 players)Hero raises to $18.00, UTG+1 calls $18.00, 3 folds, Button calls $18.00, 2 foldsFlop: ($63.00) (3 players)Hero bets $30.00, UTG+1 raises to $456.00, Button folds, Hero calls $426.00Turn: ($975.00) (2 players)River: ($975.00) (2 players)Hero showed , UTG+1 showed , Hero won $972
  9. Played a bunch today and was able to confirm that poker is indeed rigged. All 25nl.
  10. I read somewhere that he played a different day 1 than he originally planned to, so I guess he forgot that because he played a different day 1 his day 2 would also change.
  11. There is no live stream until day 3 AFAIK.
  12. Any idea what the totals for each day were from last year?
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