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  1. Couldn't you open a Canadian bank account even if you are a US Citizen? Or how about any other offshore country for that matter. If they have the ability you could control your account online. I mean all bank accounts have routing numbers and account numbers right? THen you would be able to deposit using your foreign account and whatever money you won you could do an EFT or wire back to your US account. You would have to report the income since there is a paper trail but who cares. If you are a supporting yourself playing poker then this could be a viable option.Just a thought.
  2. Where is the best place to play in Lake Tahoe and Reno? I am going on a free comped trip next month and wanted to get the lowdown. I mostly play 2-5 NL and would like to play some tournaments.
  3. I'm in the Bodog 30K down to top 27. I have only 36K in chips avg stack is 70K+. Blinds 2k-4k w/ 400 antee. I am dealt A-Jo UTG. I have tight agressive table image. I push all in and the BB who was a total idiot lets the timer run out to the nearly the end and then calls with K-3o. Blank flop, turn is the K of course and he takes it down.He had 40K when the hand began. WTF? This is so dissappointing. To play beautifully for 5hrs+ and have some moron call off 90% of his stack with a K-3o? Unbelievable.
  4. I dont mean to be rude but if you have been somewhere for 3yrs and are only making $10hr there is a problem. You should definaetly be looking for other employment.
  5. Are you serious? YOu got an escort for a $500 win? LOL dude you are paranoid.
  6. I'm in MeSoDonkey table 188 so far.
  7. I think you have to actually deposit with the service you are withdrawing with. Another option would be to have the site do a direct transfer to your bank account, mail/fedex you a check, etc..
  8. If all you have is $50 then there really isn't anything worth managing. Get a part time job and save your money. It wouldn't take much at all to build a roll that way.
  9. Hmmmm.....let me get this right. You are pissed because a magazine (a business) who's number one goal/priority is to make money found an advertiser who was willing to shell out tons of money to splash their name all over the friggin magazine. THen you have the stupidity to post this in a public forum to confirm to everyone else in the world that you are retarded?Nice one Donkey!!!
  10. I called Winstar and I they updated the blind structure:Starting chips: 3000Blinds Go up every 30 minutes:25-2525-5050-10075-150100-200300-600etc....I wasn't able to get the entire list as I didn't have anything to write with but it is better than I thought. There were rumors that it was a blind doubling crapshoot so it looks like it is a little better. THe only bad thing is that they only pay the top 18. I guess it's good if you win :)I'll see you donkies there !!!!
  11. I would also get the debit card. It is a quick way to get cash out.
  12. I don't think you can qualify online. Go to winstarcasinos.com and they have several casinos that u can qualify from.
  13. Hey bro I won my seat last night on the first try. I will see you there. I am playin in the Saturday start day. I hope to see you at the final table
  14. I was just there. The new Treasure Island (T.I.) poker room is pretty soft. I did quite well there on the $1/3NL table. The Caesars poker room was very nice. The 2 sessions of $2/5NL were usually filled with solid players. Definately check out Wynn's poker room.
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