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  1. After what I saw him do at the December Bellagio event a couple years ago when he had to make the FT to win the player of the year......and he won the damn thing, I'm not laying 5-1 that he won't win........If he'll lay me 5-1, I'll take it. Honestly, I think Daniel is good enough to where me laying 5-1 would be a bad bet. I'd be scared of just the 2 HORSE events.
  2. Just for fun this summer at the WSOP, I'll take you up on your bet laying me 5-1 that you will win a braclet.I'll take that for $1,000. Check your 2+2 pm's.
  3. I just got this email about Harrah's and Bluff teaming up for the next 4 years. GG cardplayer. Looks like they can take the summer off.One thing I've heard is coming out of this deal is live over the internet broadcasts of all Final tables that aren't covered by ESPN at the WSOP this year. There are 55 events and ESPN is only filming like 10 of them. So that's 45 possible events. I believe some days there are 2 FT's, so it may be only like 35 or so.I think that would be awesome to watch 35 FT's this summer live over the internet. I'm sure there will be some type of fee, but surely it can
  4. It's not ethical to do that in my opinion. You can't just "do whatever you want" with your 50%. Would you back someone who wasn't playing for any of the profit? You have zero percent of yourself. Is your motivation the same? Probably not.
  5. I just can't figure out why FCP would move to a network/software that is as bad as this one. It's ruining FCP, obviously.
  6. I see no less than 15 new players added to the network with this great news.
  7. Durrrr posted on 2+2 the other day his runner runner str8 flush to beat quads for $140k......so yeah, he's running good right now.
  8. they can't afford to market and the likes of Doyles Room and other that were thought to be joining this network are not going to.My prediction is one of two things. FCP folds up and calls it quits, or they join another network that actually has players.
  9. yeah, it sucks. FCP needs to switch networks or they're history.Going onto their own network, by themselves was a horrible idea.....as i think they now understand.
  10. he's in ireland every so often trying to run ftp. At this time in the industry.....just handing it off to someone else to run is not possible.
  11. there were some glitches with the new site, but it should be up in the next few days i think.The new look is outstanding. Once all the info gets imported properly, it should be awesome.
  12. there is not a further delay according to Nat on P5's. The timmer thing is not correct.....it will be available any minute.
  13. The money is out of my checking account, but I still can't access it on mywebatm.I'm just testing different methods, but I'm starting to get a little pissed.I already put money in wirecard, then they say the next day the don't deal with gambling sites (although FTP had them listed).No damn mywebatm. Went through the process, verified my account, etc. The money was taken out of my checking account, but my account at MWATM still shows no transactions. I haven't been issued a card number or anything.WTF??????
  14. post on p5's says it will be ready to go tomorrow at 5pm est.We shall see........
  15. yes, bluff magazine is.It's on their front page.
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