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  1. WEEEEEEEEE ship the 700 thanks for the rail all
  2. yeah very true. hes being overly aggressive and is overplaying everything
  3. Chip leader coming into final table but already took a hit
  4. sittin 2/8 with the chipleader right across from me. could be fun
  5. Final 2 tables sitting 5/12 BigJK311Would appreciate any support im starting to drag this has been a long day
  6. dont have the history but flopped top pair open end straight and nut flush draw. turn gives villian straight river comes offsuit 3 gg me
  7. got shortstacked and bricked a big draw f'n 8th. thanks for the support
  8. 10+1 PLO on Stars. My first final table come show some loveBigJK311 6/9
  9. bigjk311 (omaha) i know someone that got shot in that horrific incident that happened here in omaha yesterday. he survived thank god but i wanna play some cards to get my mind off this
  10. hahahahah ive been drinkin sinc like 6pm my time n its now like 2 i thank god i gorgot my online password n remeber to rawwp the tool
  11. man im with these guys like 12 beers is way too mcuh to be bullshiting some1 2nite
  12. very nice, great successwhy can't we all run that goooooot?
  13. well that didnt last long. OESD and nut flush draw against KK and set of jacks. Any king 8 or heart. i brick out GG meGL to those still in
  14. in as BigJK311made two deep runs in MTT's last night looking to keep it up. whos comin to the FT with me?
  15. congrats keep it up in the future
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