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  1. All he needed was JACK BAUER. Problem solved
  2. is it safe for americans to deposit $ into pokerstars? what happened to my fcp points and the pennies i had left in my fcp account?
  3. i was playing a $10.75 and got kicked off. i tried to get back on but it would say "could not connect"what do i do? thanks
  4. oh i just remembered. what was the movie DN shot scenes for last year. ( i think during the WSOP)i know jason alexander comes out in it, and it's a mockumentary type flick about poker ala Best In Show.now that i want to see
  5. yeah for someone supposedly smooth that all in was not... i think he did it twice
  6. from what i understand, doyle brunson served as advisor for the poker scenes, so the hands should make sense as aposed to the hands in casino royale.also quite a bit of high stake players have cameos and i think Jenn Harmon has an actual part in it.should'nt be too bad
  7. LOL that's funny.i'm offering advice via email or IM dorks. i'm not going to anyones home.and not just for daniel. if anyone's interested let me know. we can discuss the bathing... i mean systems then... wierdos
  8. hey daniel, i do theatre, nightclubs, and home theater AV set-ups and would be happy to give you my advice on setting up you system to maxamize it's use. let me know... (i'll do it completely free of charge) if your interested.you might be down with my suggestions, you might not. no hard feelings.Leno
  9. i believe it was the third or forth week of HSP3.i felt bad for mike too. the bad thing is that shieky looks like he can throw down and would over something so stupid.mike had the same look on PAD when DN knocked him out but at least that was a KO of the tournament not his lights.Good fight DN and mike vs shieky...(do i smell a new thread?)
  10. is there anyway to order any of the caps like the ones DN use? my wife's birthday is coming up and she loves the different color FCP caps he wears, as do I.any help guys?
  11. PAD is great, especially if you're mostly interested in playing sit and go's. great tournament strategies. the hands are pretty black and white. i like that they show folding hands, walks, etc.sometimes it feels like the stakes are'nt high enough for some players. they look boredthe table talk is cool, commentary sucks. shanna...greatHSP... Awesome. The swings, the moves, etc, seems more like REAL poker. REAL gambling AND everything makes sense. No scratch-off play there.table talk is cool, commentary is coolgotta go with HSP.
  12. thanks guys for the info.Very Nice.except what naked cowboy said...
  13. i read in Bluff Mag that Jennifer Harmon had twin baby boys. When did that happened?Todd Brunson also wrote in Cardplayer that he was the babies' Godfather. My wife and I have become fans of hers and were just wondering...Either way "happy to hear it and Congratulations!"
  14. hey FCPInfo, thanks as always for your response.I just haven't played in a while, but look foward to getting back on.i remember how it was and have faith it will come back to it's previous standard...again thanks
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