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  1. My thoughts and prayers are with the Reese family. I didn't know Casey or Chip personally but from what i've heard and read they were both really great people. Hopefully Casey and Chip are playing high stakes heads up and baseball right now.
  2. luney and barry r playin in the wcoop horse event right now and they seem to know each other just wounderin if anyone knows who luney is ????????
  3. I am looking for a screen recorder so i can go back and look at some of my sessions. What is a good one i can get for free? Thanks
  4. does anyone know if Stars is planning on spreading any real money games of this mix???????
  5. thanks man hoping to take it down. and have a good chance unless i run into some cooler situations. there are a few other ok players in the game but they dont have an idea of pot odds or implied odds but they have decent natural reading skills
  6. looks like a good one to me. most of the players in the game dont know how to fold top pair but they also have no idea of how much to bet either so i could take a while or it could go fast but the structure looks like one that the good players could take advantage of thanks for the help
  7. no i put the chip avatar up like alot of others in respect for chip when he passed away
  8. I am going to have a tournament in a few days and would just like some ideas for a good structure. The tournament needs to be about 5 to 5 and a half hours long, and i would like to have a decent amount of play. There will be about 15 to 20 players. What is a good starting stack and a good blind structure????? there will also be one rebuy.If anyone has any good ideas please help. Thanks
  9. On may 13th i got an email saying thtat my transaction had been approved and that 350 USD was going to be credited to my bank account. Below that it said it may take up to 10 days for the money to be credited. It is now may 30th and I still havent recieved my funds. Does anyone know how long these transactions have been taking? also has anyone had any trouble?
  10. tell me about it, had a couple low stakes tourney wins for about 200 then won an ftops sat for 200 which i unregistered for then the rest of it was cash games and 1 table sngs
  11. ya thanks, that was the most difficult part
  12. keep on topic ppl, is anyone else doing this and if so how is it going??
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