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    Quad Kings 2 times in 5 hands, no its not rigged.
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    Running goot in satellites and 2/4 NL apparently
  1. Found my login info. (9+ years later)
  2. Went this weekend. Packed Cash game action, great satellites.Chopped the nightly :club:/Brag
  3. Started back on July 19th, lasts until Aug 6th. Anyone going or already there?Link to event list: http://www.goldstrike.com/PDF/casino/gold-strike-world-poker-open_050312.pdfLink to structures: http://www.goldstrike.com/PDF/casino/gold-strike-wpo-blind-structures.pdf
  4. http://www.pokerplayernewspaper.com/content/mak-takes-jax-12117But, where's Jerry?
  5. Ok Gov,This shows a 1.00 multiplier for buy ins $2499 and under.http://www.bluffmagazine.com/wsop-poy/formula.asp
  6. Event #2 results now posted. http://www.bluffmagazine.com/tournaments/event/2012-43rd-Annual-World-Series-of-Poker-May-28-2012-Event-%232%3A-No-Limit-Hold%27em-2077-22914.htmlBut for the life of me, I can't figure out how they got 2.53 as the multiplier. According to their matrix it would only be 2.3. Anyone have any guesses?
  7. Bump--Less than a week to go, I'm planning to play in the noon events on the first Friday and Saturday.
  8. I'm heading down the first weekend.Anyone else going to go represent FCP?Tunica Circuit Schedule
  9. I mean come on...In 07 the WSOP satellites started ~ Feb 25.In 08 the WSOP satellites started ~ Mar 3In 09 March 16 and still waiting...Please cosign.
  10. Yeah, Old name would have been much cooler.Grats
  11. 3rd for $226.50 Thanks, for all the support.
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