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  1. I just checked my busted Stars account and successfully used all my remaining FPPs. I turned a step-2 and 2 step-1 tickets into 2 step-4 tickets. So now I can play the equivalent of two $215 tourneys as a freeroll.
  2. Anyone playing the $240 on Sunday, I believe it's event 9. Also anyone know the expected turnout for this event? Im guessing like 300 ppl? If anyone else is around at the Shoe on Sunday, let me know if you wanna meet up.
  3. And Kurt, I appreciate you asking her for me.
  4. Ha, thats the reason I am here for 5 years. I am not an idiot by any means, I just slacked and drank way too much my freshman and sophomore year so all the easy general classes I took then resulted in B's and C's rather than the A's and B's I should have gotten. Considering I've partied and lived life to the fullest in college, I'm ok with my GPA. It took me 2 years to realize how easy it was to give in to peer pressure and have loads of fun rather than focusing on school first. I have learned some of the most valuable life experience regarding people and myself while making soo many frien
  5. Ok I'm hoping by making this thread, I can be provided with some helpful insight from the people on FCP with more experience or knowledge about this subject. Basically I'm in my 4th year at Northern Illinois University majoring in Business Administration. I am a senior now, but will be graduating in Spring 2011 on a 5 year plan. This upcoming summer is very crucial for me as I need to find a good internship in the Chicagoland area that is paid. It is very important that I find a paid internship, since I simply cannot afford not making an income this summer. My resume looks pretty good as I
  6. lol Haven't been on FCP in what seems like a while but this is hilarious as I have never seen this thread in the year it's been here.O and hi to FCP once again because this place seems quite dead and most of the old regs are nowhere to be found.
  7. Haven't check this thread in a while but I absolutely love this game. Me and friends have been tearing people apart for the past 2 weeks and we should be prestige this weekend. If you have a PS3, add me at NORTHERNTKE.
  8. I'll be playing MW2 on PS3 starting Monday at midnight when it comes out. My PS3 tag is NorthernTKE so im def up for playing next week.
  9. My visa was declined also. Where can you get these Visa All Access gift cards and what color r they? Any other methods for US players to deposit on Stars with no fee?
  10. Bob or anyone know how long u have to clear the bonus if you deposit the full $600?
  11. Last few episodes have really made up for the season premiere sucking so bad. Not a big fan of the smushed face new gf of E's either but she plays the super clingy, jailbait gf pretty well.
  12. bump, I'm done with school this week and will be putting in a lot of hours here over the summer. Anyone been going lately?
  13. Anybody going any of the next few days? I'm gonna go either tomorrow or Wednesday and then again Friday.
  14. Anybody gonna be there this week? I'm on spring break and want to make it down there a few times over the next week.
  15. Just got back, too tired to make trip report but had a blast and made money.Sorry for not responding, had my laptop but no internet like mentioned before. Trip report sometime tomorrow.
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