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  1. Unfortunately its the only place I can go since I work at the Horseshoe. Yeah it's been awesome since Majestic raised the 1/2 to a 1/3 with a $300 max buy in. Same bad players but with more money in front of them. Played last week and ran $200 to $1,000 in 3 hours. My other alternative is to go to Potowatami in Milwaukee. The 3/5nl game there is super soft and I love the 5/10 PLO there.
  2. Went to the local shelter today to maybe get our puggle a playmate. I'd say out of 20-24 dogs that were there a good 16 of them were pit or pit mixes.
  3. I deal 2-5nl to her. She wins more than she loses, but there are MANY fish there playing 2-5.
  4. Rooting for Edward Ochana. I deal to him at the Shoe all the time. Nice guy would be cool if he won or at least makes the final table.
  5. Zimmer 5th in chips with 161400Wandingo is 27th with 9230070left from 235entriespatying 27places $182247 for 1st!!!1st-Nicholas Grippo 2910002 Dwyte Pilgrim 2280003 Paul "Walnuts" Bianchi 223000 (won the NL/PLO event)4 Robert Kalteux 1660005 Zimmmer 16140011 Kevin Saul 14420019 Ken Norman 104300 (Former Illini and NBA player)33 James Van Alstyne 7100038 Ken Nguygen 64700 (local player has has cashed in a few WPT events,including LA last week)48 Aaron Massey 45600 (was on Gallos left at his final table)These are the only ones that I notice that people might notice. There is more local guys left
  6. 20 left now. I'll check on him when I get to work. I start at 10 tonight
  7. Gallo in the money in the $350. 638 started 63 get paid. had like 600k at 4k-8. Dont know where that puts him.
  8. Out in the 3.30. Sorry guys.
  9. Out of the $4.40 still hangin on in the $3.30
  10. wow I've never friggin had so many 39,28,3J hands in my life!
  11. Gotem and registered. TYTY
  12. Sure I'll late register and do em both.Edit-the PLO started i dont want that one
  13. mjink3 bourbonnais, il
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