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  1. +1......and yes I just call here and see what happens on the turn. He's probably just trying to find out where you're at. I wouldn't get out of line raising on any street. I also wouldn't give him a free card on the turn if he checks. If he C-R the turn I'd probably fold (depending on read and history). If another H comes you gotta go with your read.
  2. This is excellent advice, you should read it at least twice.I'll repeat a couple of really important points: If you have 300 BB ($600 for 1/2) at the higher level it's time to start looking at games. Cherry pick the easy games first (I start w/ over 38% seeing the flop on Stars). Stick to the lower level if you can't find a live game or two at the higher level.If you're trying to prove to yourself you can beat a certain level... I think once you've beaten a level for 500BB and played more than 10K hands, you've proven you can beat that level indefinitely.
  3. That's what I was thinking too. Already cashed, time to crush these dudes with Aces.
  4. 1. Did you show your fold or just quietly go on to the next hand? And Why?2. How did you play after that? Good, bad, OK?3. Did your bankroll size factor into your decision to fold?4. If you are comfortable saying, how big is your roll compared to your table stack?5. How much did you buy-in for? vs. how much had you already won?
  5. I had just read the article in CardPlayer with Huck Seed on the Cover (April, 8 2009, Vol 22, No. 7, page 40-41). For some reason it's in the print version but I can't find it online so no link. Anyway, "Jeanifear" goes over a similar hand in great detail where she indicates it was the correct play to fold AA in a 18 man SNG. With 4 people left and the other 3 basically all-in for more than she has in her stack. So, she had $1,945 and there was more than $5,835 in the pot. She's getting 3:1 there and folded AA and says it was the correct play.Perhaps someone could post a summary of the h
  6. So, I'm curious as to what they turned over... BTW the caller having KK entered my mind too. Just so rare to have the same pocket pair...
  7. If he's getting 3 callers after 3-betting on a regular basis then ya, I would think twice about 3-betting here. I guess there are different levels of "just plain bad". My interpretation of that was probably "online" bad, which seems to be way better than "live" bad.
  8. Ya, DoN... That's what I thought. I was concerned that I would be making some kind of equity screw up. I read an article about this online SNG player who was explaining how she folded Aces in a similar situation and how it was the correct fold. But, I pretty much didn't understand anything they presenting in the article.
  9. Weird situation... Double or nothing SNG with 6 players left (5 get paid). I'm a big stack and the BB has 4 big blinds left (one is already in the pot). I open for 600 w/ AKs, trying to let the rest of the table know that I have a good hand and also knowing the BB will call with almost anything. I've been getting a lot of good hands so I've been playing more hands than average, probably 30% or so. The button decides to make my life difficult, see below....PokerStars No-Limit Hold'em, $5.00+$0.40 Tournament, 75/150 Blinds 15 Ante (6 handed) - Poker-Stars Converter Tool from FlopTurnRiver.c
  10. Smells like you had them both beat. I'm assuming this is a cash game and not a tournament... Let's see your calling $1100 to win $2020 in the pot... almost 2:1.If the first guy had an Ace why would he go all in? Wouldn't he check or bet a small amount. Smells like 9s, 10s, Js or a complete bluff.You obviously have the caller beat, if he had an Ace it's an instant call. Even if he were grandstanding for your call he would take 30-40 seconds, maybe a minute and a half at the most. 15 minutes indicates a real issue to me (like Q-Q). Did anyone call the clock on him? Is this unusual in th
  11. I've been out of touch with poker for a while... so, who is Collin Moshman?
  12. I think more often than not if you can 3-bet and isolate the only player at the table who can fold a missed flop you're +EV especially if you believe his range is groups 1-3 in this spot. He's going to miss the flop most of the time, he'll check, you'll bet and he's probably going to fold AK, AQ, KQ, etc. If not you still have position.
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