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  1. Well...as I post this I just got rivered...lol I had the nut straight and it went in on the flop against bottom two...playing my last cents haha. LesserBen, Drunk Rail call
  2. Lol trussdude I know, but honostly the guys rebuy like insane, one night we had one guy who was in for 1000 dollars and we have one or two guys that come in and drop 3-500 a week.
  3. So I was at my friday night game playing .25/.50 its a very loose game with a massive amount of calling stations and a couple good players who win almost weekly. We average between 8-16 players a night and there is usually around 2-3k on the table to end the night. Min buy in is 20$ and max is 40$ untill Midnight then it is pushed to a max of 80$ if the short stack doesnt care. I have around 220$ and the small blind has around 80 and is a player that generally calls down a lot and that loves to throw out a bluff but also does show up with big hands from time to time.Anyhow we are playing 8 han
  4. Okay so I have another question from another night at the homegame described in Best Play? Its a fairly loose game, and the players arent that great, save for around 3 or 4 of us who do fairly well. But there are definatly people who would stack off on a K high board with KJ. So at this point in the night we are 6 handed and I am UTG with around 250, with AKd. I bump to 6 and get 3 callers 1 decemt player and 2 calling stations. Decent has 80, the two callers have round 100.The flop comes K 4 5 with 2 hearts. I lead 16, Decent folds Calling1 tank shoves, and calling2 tank folds. Is this an ins
  5. Alright next question, does our play change if its say, 4 handed?? Or 3?? When do 1010, JJ increase, or is it a fold even 4 handed?
  6. Wow shows how much I know!! So even flatting here is bad eh? And who agrees we fold even QQ here?? what about AKs?
  7. The game we play is NLHE .25/.50 but it plays like 50/1 if not high we have a max 40 buy in min 20 till mdnight in which it goes to a max of 80 or whatever the table allows.I bought it for 40 and had it up to 270ish and we were 5 handed at my table, with the next biggest stack at around 180 and the rest around 100. I had the button with 1010. UTG bets 3.50, next to act raises to 13.50. Do I flat here? Or should I go ahead and raise??? UTG was the 180 stack?Im just wondering which is the best play, and how strong 10's are on average in this position with it being 5 handed?
  8. So this is always a call, and if for somereason they have 67 just chalk it up to a cooler and move on eh?
  9. So this is another hand at the same 1/2 game as last time, different night 7 handed it was 15 blind pre flop and I decide to be a little sneaky so I made it 60 on the button against just the co and utg I have about 550 in front of me. I am usually seen as really nitty cause these guys are all good players and have deep pockets and know I don't really have the same roll. Anyhow its 3 handed on the flop. They both cover me.I have A2hearts and the flop came 345 with 2 hearts, Gin flop, utg checks, co goes 110, I think about it hollywoodig a little and decide to flat call. Then utg raises all in f
  10. Ahh alright I get that lol, well thats for all the input guys
  11. Thats what I am wondering to, when should you leave?? like double up and run??
  12. At a live 1/2 game 200 max buy in I bought in for the full was about to about 780, effective stacks in play all have me covered, the one guy is utg the other is utg plus 1 and then co Im on the button. They are all fairly decent co has 1400 and is a semi pro I guess, he plays for a living and thats it. Were playing 6 handedAnyhow, its double straddled then a blind bet of 15, it goes call call call call fold fold I have 910d.Flop is 78A with two diamonds. 85 in the pot, It goes 90 from utg, utg plus 1 goes 300, and the CO thinks about it for like five mintues and makes it 988...So what am I sup
  13. Yes you can fold, if its that loose, and there are even comptent players that are at the end of the cchain, then what about 4,5 being a hand, there is so much that beats you.
  14. Well I folded, and the OFP turned over KK, and the insta shover turned over 77. I just didnt know how I could call so deep.
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