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  1. Totally this. ADD to this that about 90% of the last quarter inch was documented with instrumentation that would be considered substandard by today's standards. Also, global warming is a computer model, and the performance of the real system is stubbornly disobeying the computer model. It would be funny if the alarmists weren't so serious.
  2. I think poker room managers often get run over by high stakes players with strong personalities. It's spillover from pit management, where the big player gets more latitude and consideration. Of course, it can be said that it's good marketing to let the players define the games they want to play, but then the question becomes, "when player opinions differ, are there players who are more equal than others?"
  3. Definitely bet for value. A raise is just bizzare, but I think we'd have to call it off.
  4. Bwhahahaha ha ha ha ha ha ha ... ha ... ... ha ... ... ... ha ...
  5. Oh dear. We'd better stop playing poker and buy savings bonds.
  6. Entertaining. I like a game with some action in it.
  7. This is what makes omaha a good game
  8. I think simple calldown mode for turn and river is OK. It's too thin to do much else. Our hand has value.
  9. Incredibly wierd hand. I think a fold isn't horrible unless we have detailed files on both players.
  10. Is the villian "aggressive" or "spewy?" Makes a huge difference IMO. Also, I don't hate it as played on the flop, since we're not real deep. If villain is playing a lot of spots light, we are looking at a range of xT from villian a lot, some air, and almost any playable jack and assorted bigger hands. I'm not going to say it's a bad play, you just ended up on the heavy end of his range.
  11. 1. come back to this post in ten years. 2. giggle at yourself. 3. repeat.
  12. I say things to them. Are you OK? Are you coughing on me? Do you need a Kleenex? I REALLY don't like people spraying germs on me.
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