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  1. This explains all the ghost hunting shows on television. It's obviously training for census takers.
  2. Part 2 - the whole thing was a hoax and hopefully both parents will get some jail time. This is ridiculous!
  3. 1. Even if the question was asked, I'd be interested to see how successful they are at getting people to admit they're illegal.2. I'm surprised that the Republicans would want to know how many illegals are here since that would show how abysmal the border protection has been under Bush.3. Scratch that, since the illegals will surely be undercounted, perhaps they'll use it to show how good the border protection has been under Bush Okay I'm officially confused which is my usual state,lol.
  4. Elk is pretty close to beef. Not as gamey as venison can sometimes be. With venison it depends a great deal on the deer's diet. Elk tend to be grazers and therefore taste more like beef. Deer tend to be browsers which accounts for venison sometimes being gamey if their diet is mostly trees & brush. Beer is greasy in my opinion. I don't care for it. Only reason my hubby would shoot a bear is if it were heading his way to attack him or was attacking him. There are some that like bear meat. Just isn't our thing so he doesn't hunt it. We eat what he kills (whenever he kills anything,l
  5. My husband and his dad are out hunting elk this week. And they do practice target shooting before they go. But he also carries a handgun in the woods as well. 1. you never know when you might be faced with a situation where a rifle isn't the best option to use in order to save your life (thinking bears which seem to have higher populations this year) and 2. if you wound an animal, you want to be able to put it out of it's misery quickly and humanely. And yes we do eat the meat. I won't say that he hunts for only for meat because anyone who tells you that is a liar. If I were to figure ou
  6. So there will be a whole new generation of Nascar fans in Canada,lol?
  7. Bringing the subject back to the original subject, I find it funny that right after Obama got the Nobel Peace Prize, we attacked the moon and suffered 0 casualties.
  8. I think Cain was referring to the claim by BG that the Republicans would behave with more class than the Democrats did. Surprise surprise, they haven't. I think both of them were more than a bit naive to think that it would be otherwise.
  9. Trust BG to come up with a brand new description of Brvheart,lol. I assume it's a combo between bore and bother. Makes perfect sense to me . (jk Brvheart but couldn't resist)
  10. You all can pray that what comes out of the Finance Committee will be a better bill than what went in. It might even be okay. Not great mind you but okay. Max Baucus has gotten an earful from the people of Montana. And if there's one thing he's good at it's keeping the people of Montana happy.
  11. Not going to happen with me Spademan. I've seen God move in my life too much to doubt His existence. And I've seen what would have been the result of some of my desires had He given them to me and I wouldn't have wanted it that way once I got sight of the bigger picture. Having seen that in my past, I can trust Him with my future. Again it doesn't mean I just sit back and let God do it. I do what I can within my human ability. But if I find myself blocked at every juncture from something that I desire then I know there's something wrong with it and try moving in another direction. But s
  12. I've seen in my life too many times where my will would have been the wrong choice to discount God's will in all this. I still pray and it could well be that the only way that Glenn will come to believe in Jesus is for him to have to go through this. And I'd rather he go through this and become a believer than healed and remain a non-believer. God knows when it's time for him to die just as He does with all of us. And that time won't come any sooner or later than it's appointed time. Does this mean I don't want him to fight the disease with every tool available to us? Hell, no! He's act
  13. I wish I could take comfort in that brvheart but sadly he's not a believer so I guess my prayer would be that he'd become one before God takes him. But God is far wiser than I am so I'll trust in His will regardless. As for Suited's comment, I considered the source and dismissed it as coming from one who couldn't concieve of walking a mile in my shoes.
  14. Trip went well. We'll not know the results of the tests for probably close to 2 weeks. If those meet the criteria of the study then he will go in for a left heart catheter (I'm not sure what this is supposed to show) which if that's good he'll be enrolled the following day. So 2 to 3 weeks from now we'll know if he's going to be accepted. Then he has a 2 in 3 chance of getting the actual medication. Thank you all for your prayers, good wishes and blessings. They're much appreciated.
  15. You don't have enough current fodder on Obama to discuss that you have to dig out a year old thread and revive it? Com'on 85, you're better than that.
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