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  1. i never got to see anything! i assume mark was killed?
  2. this one's my favorite:http://www.propokertools.com/simulator/oma...ationEditor.jsp
  3. true story: i just reread this ENTIRE THREAD. still grades A+++. i am quite alive--i just don't play as much poker as i used to. had to grow up, etc, etc
  4. you're just jealous that we didn't invite you to cuddle.
  5. jeff and i ran away to hold midnight cuddle sessions in the wisconsin capitol building.my big one is copernicus.
  6. edited a bad joke above. (strategy's edit is more on point)
  7. but it's 8000 sq mi of holy sand and rocks.seriously, though:with regard to the whole israel thing, the problem palestinians have--and it's a justified one--is that when modern day israel was formed, it was (pretty much) the first time that outside powers kind of came in and "settled" a conflict that was always being not-worked-out internally between the two groups. while there has hardly been anything remotely resembling stability in the area for, well, thousands of years, there was at least a sort of honesty to the conflicts there that stemmed from the fact that the people invested in that c
  8. if it is, my stoner college friend just lost the best story he ever told.
  9. my injun internet is barely fast enough to not time out every time i click bet. i don't have the time to go to a WHOLE OTHER ****ING WEBSITE.
  10. ....even when i want to be called.Full Tilt Poker Game #21353560212: Table Vibe (6 max) - $2/$4 - Limit Omaha H/L - 3:11:46 ET - 2010/06/04Seat 1: Jesters Trix ($82)Seat 2: checkymcfold ($139.50)Seat 3: MuonChoi ($55.50)Seat 4: Schmopeless ($43)Seat 5: essemkay ($42)Seat 6: kerrdogg ($47)Schmopeless posts the small blind of $1essemkay posts the big blind of $2The button is in seat #3*** HOLE CARDS ***Dealt to checkymcfold [3d 2d 7c 4c]kerrdogg foldsJesters Trix foldscheckymcfold raises to $4MuonChoi calls $4Schmopeless calls $3essemkay folds*** FLOP *** [3h 5d Ah]Schmopeless checkscheckymcfold
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