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  1. i never got to see anything! i assume mark was killed?
  2. this one's my favorite:http://www.propokertools.com/simulator/oma...ationEditor.jsp
  3. true story: i just reread this ENTIRE THREAD. still grades A+++. i am quite alive--i just don't play as much poker as i used to. had to grow up, etc, etc
  4. you're just jealous that we didn't invite you to cuddle.
  5. jeff and i ran away to hold midnight cuddle sessions in the wisconsin capitol building.my big one is copernicus.
  6. edited a bad joke above. (strategy's edit is more on point)
  7. but it's 8000 sq mi of holy sand and rocks.seriously, though:with regard to the whole israel thing, the problem palestinians have--and it's a justified one--is that when modern day israel was formed, it was (pretty much) the first time that outside powers kind of came in and "settled" a conflict that was always being not-worked-out internally between the two groups. while there has hardly been anything remotely resembling stability in the area for, well, thousands of years, there was at least a sort of honesty to the conflicts there that stemmed from the fact that the people invested in that conflict were the ones doing the fighting. when israel was formed, the jews agreed to the boundaries drawn by whitey, but the palestinians did not. when you don't get your way with regard to the drawing of your homeland's borders, you're going to be pissed off.while i'm hardly an expert on the history of the region, i do feel like i know enough to say that it's pretty stupid to think that things could have gone well when all of jerusalem was given to one side of the conflict during the partition agreement, because both groups like to pray and worship stuff there for whatever reason.there are lots of areas of the world where these sorts of conflicts go on, but not a whole lot where the US has chosen to have a strongly-vested interest, which is really the only reason that we focus on israel instead of ossetia (sp?), the congo, other areas in africa, etc.
  8. if it is, my stoner college friend just lost the best story he ever told.
  9. my injun internet is barely fast enough to not time out every time i click bet. i don't have the time to go to a WHOLE OTHER ****ING WEBSITE.
  10. ....even when i want to be called.Full Tilt Poker Game #21353560212: Table Vibe (6 max) - $2/$4 - Limit Omaha H/L - 3:11:46 ET - 2010/06/04Seat 1: Jesters Trix ($82)Seat 2: checkymcfold ($139.50)Seat 3: MuonChoi ($55.50)Seat 4: Schmopeless ($43)Seat 5: essemkay ($42)Seat 6: kerrdogg ($47)Schmopeless posts the small blind of $1essemkay posts the big blind of $2The button is in seat #3*** HOLE CARDS ***Dealt to checkymcfold [3d 2d 7c 4c]kerrdogg foldsJesters Trix foldscheckymcfold raises to $4MuonChoi calls $4Schmopeless calls $3essemkay folds*** FLOP *** [3h 5d Ah]Schmopeless checkscheckymcfold bets $2MuonChoi foldsSchmopeless foldsUncalled bet of $2 returned to checkymcfold*** SUMMARY ***Total pot $14 | Rake $0Board: [3h 5d Ah]Seat 1: Jesters Trix didn't bet (folded)Seat 2: checkymcfold collected ($14), muckedSeat 3: MuonChoi (button) folded on the FlopSeat 4: Schmopeless (small blind) folded on the FlopSeat 5: essemkay (big blind) folded before the FlopSeat 6: kerrdogg didn't bet (folded)
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