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  1. yeah i am a student and how big does it have to be before i file?
  2. well i do pay taxes but i have never filed them for playing poker because only recently have i been playing online and cashing out significant money so im just wondering what happnes come tax time
  3. i currently play on pacific poker and i am over 18 which they require and since i have cahsed out over 5K this month they want me to verify some random stuff so im going to send them my info but also they want me to verify something called GeoTrust consumer Identity verification system and that asks me my social security number and shti like that im just wondering what happens w/ taxes and do they inform the US gov of people on the sites. also overall what happens with taxes when you cash out around 5 K a month. any info will be very much appreciated cause i really dont have a clue
  4. OK so heres what i think i am going to do send them a copy of my neteller bank statement verifying the bank statement belongs to me and then i am going to send an ID that says im 21 but has the DV # blocked out. the worst that happens is they ask for another copy w/ my DV# showing right? i doubt they put much thought into one account with only 1300 in it so i might as well give it a shot. what do you think? OH AND THERE WAS NEVER ANY CHEATING OR COLLUSION we all had the same IP's anyways.
  5. what if i sent in a fake id that says im 21 ?
  6. heres my situation: i have an account at full tilt poker under my roomates name that i used my neteller account to fund. i also used my neteller account on several other peoples full tilt accounts. full tilt has frozen my accounts and said that i have multiple accounts. they say in order to let me cash out they must see my ID but the problem is i am only 20 and the site says you have to be 21 to play. How can i get my money out now? anyone have any clues what i can do because i have about 1300 in my account and thats very significant to me. HERE is there email Hello Kevin,It has come to
  7. i like DN but you guys seriously are wayyy too hardcore i mean hes a poker player not ghandi you guys take this stuff way too seriously. its like you are rock star groupies
  8. i have playing online for a bout 3 years and i hardly ever lose on a day unless i come back and play drunk which has cost me thousands in fact im playing drunk right now someone tell me something i can do to not play i always try to convince myself im not drunk then i drop 200 and finally realize i am what do you guys do to not play drunk. this post is probably stupid but i never win when im drunk and i am sick of waking up and getting mad at myself.
  9. how exactly does it work/ how much does it cost and will it work on pacific?
  10. oh yeah its a super long post and not using 4 periods made it so hard to read. I hope you get gonorrhea from riding a tractor in your bathing suit.
  11. so im at a table at pacific and the table is breaking up and before i can take off auto post blind 4 people leave in a row and i post the big blind. so now theres only me and one other player at the table and he has limped in and im dealt 5 2 os so i check just thinking im about to fold and leave the table. the flop comes out A 3 4 and im like oh shit im going to win a few bucks. long story short he limped in w AA and i won a 200 dollar pot w 2/5 os vs AA how funny is that
  12. hands down not evne a question bill fillmaff he is the best tournament and cash game player ive ever seen
  13. I always hear DN talk about her but i have no clue what she looks like does anyone have a pic?
  14. i agree josh acted like a whiny little **** but he still played pretty well and hes fat and super cute
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