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  1. I remember that you played at the Isle of Capri....dont know if you still do.Im at Iowa city, have u played at riverside? Wanna play sometime? let me know.
  2. hahahahaha i love how u said u lost with a flush when u had queens up..... terrible, take a lap.
  3. First of and foremost, this is VERY IMPORTANT that OP posted this about stacked. This gives very LITTLE credibility to anything what Daniel puts his name on. How many times have we heard him say that he was delaying or that the company was delaying the game, to meet his "standards", otherwise he wouldnt have it out on the market.IF what OP is saying is true about the error on split pots, Negreanu should rethink about putting his name on something so shady.
  4. were there atleast hot hooter girls walking around???nah but congrats, however u win it, its still tight u won
  5. Yeah.. life term equity says sell the seat.
  6. I honestly believe restaruant tipping etiquette is far different than dealing poker tipping.
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