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  1. Seeing as they have a $250/$500 Limit Hold'em game, my assumption would be $500 per betting round in NL. (up to $500 pre-flop, flop, turn, and river).
  2. I think you have won enough $ in this tournament to hand out some free lifetime passes to PokerVT
  3. I think you will have a bigger problem having your friend give you back $200 than you would Full Tilt investigating this.
  4. I have a similar situation from yesterday in tournament I played. 6 players left. $2300 for 1st, 2nd place gets $1,600, 3rd gets $1,000. 6th place get $300.I have 1/4 of the chips in play, in 1st place with 275K out of 1.1 Million chips in playQQ<88, after someone said they folded Q-8 pre-flop.AA<97s, they river straight.AT<77. First two cards on flop are A-T, third is 7. Out in 6th place for $300, but I felt like I lost so much more. At least you only lost two flips. You would be PISSED if you lost two 80-20 and then a coinflip to go from 1st in chips with 6 left, to 6th place. BULLS
  5. You could save $297,000 and send me $3,000. 50-50 split. I promise!
  6. Yes. but I don't call them scratchies
  7. After not buying a scratch-off ticket in over 2 months, I decided to buy one on the whim. $5 ticket, won $500. Now what to do with it.
  8. Have you considered Denver/Boulder or Oklahoma City?
  9. Poker room is great. Could be better lit, but it's more like a club because of the bar dividing the room than a poker room you would find elsewhere. As for the players, they are awful. Also easy to get tells on what players are going to do by looking at where they are going to press a button on the screen.
  10. This is without a doubt the best Poker song: Bad Day
  11. Hard to get 5X payout on cash game buy-in in 20 minutes.
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