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  1. Last time I was in Vegas, I played some 1/2 poker and made some sports bet right across the poker room at the Venetian prior to going into TAO. We all had a couple of drinks from the comps there and also had a bottle of vodka from the souvenir store upstairs at the top of escalator. We ended up spending money inside still so it was so worth it. The walk to the washroom to the bar is an amazing experience. Trust me on this!Pure, looks amazing! So i can't wait to hit this place up! But with the cost for bottle I may as well get a room like this and have my own party....
  2. I do think it's over priced for bottle service. If you have alot of people it may make it cheaper since you can split the cost. I think the best is too get invited into a bottle service and get your drinks that way in my opinion. Everyone is friendly drunk especially after the 3-4 bottles.I do think it is worth it at TAO Beach. I highly recommend it, but forking over $400 just to drink is just to crazy for me IMHO. I still go but i'll just rail the bar and enjoy from there.
  3. whatever happen to $5.00 budweisers and vodka shots for $6. That's alot for an evening. I notice you can't even sit anywhere in a club these days in Vegas. You either have to rent a cabana or table just to drink. I was at TAO Beach and there is only one area by bar but everyone is herded and crowded in one area while the rest of areas are bare and empty. Oh well, we'll see how it goes!You have to be high rollin or hit the jackpot on the $1 slots to get these tables.! Geez!
  4. This is what i'm looking for. Thanks. Is there a site that give you the inside scoop on what is happening in Vegas?Similar to rawvegas.tv?
  5. Playing there to play 1-3 nl and to get a better room rate!
  6. Hey guys,I'm in Vegas in a couple of days but planning on heading to PURE on Oct. 4. Coincedentally Nicky Hilton will be celebrating her birthday the same night. How much is it for bottle service and is there a min. bottle requirementor does it depend on how many are in the group in relation to male and female ratios?Usually I would call and find out but I would like to know firsthand from actual residents or others who have visited this club what there experience was like. Are there any other suggestions on going about getting bottle service etc. How much should I expect to pay? Is it negotia
  7. Nice, I like the idea of cheap drinks on freemont. I like grabbing them longhorn slushies with cheap vodka and playing poker and BJ at Binion's.
  8. Thanks Gator! That's hilarious Sheena Easton.As for Tao Beach. I've already made plans to go there on the Sat. The last time I went there in April we closed the place out. The females there are amazing especially on the Beach top with the long leather sofa beds. Too hot to even talk about. I didn't even end up going into the club, just stayed on the rooftop.The long walk to the washrooms is the most interesting place to hook-up! That's just my two cents. With all the beds and cushions on that route you can just imagine. What happens at the TAO stays at the TAO....LOL
  9. I could pay less and see all that at Wynn Pool when the cabana boys allow the european sunbathing. Are there any locals bar/pubs or lounges that are good?What has replaced Tangerine??? Anyone know? Last time I was there it was under renovations.
  10. Hey guysI'll be in Vegas with a couple of friends. We've been there several times but are looking to do something different besides gambling. Where is the best place to get your drink on in Vegas? We are looking for atmosphere, people watching and nice scenery if you know what I mean. We don't want the Sphermint Rhino's and all that jazz. We are staying at Wynn so any reccomendations for those recently there would be appreciated. Does anyone know if the restaurant above water(I think it was near Treasure Island) has been fixed and completed. If so is that place any good?
  11. It states on there site that they have a mobile version. Just wondering if this is for real money on your mobile phone? Or if it's just a generic poker game on the phone.Here's the link: https://www.bwin.com/page.aspx?view=mobile
  12. It mentions on there site they have a mobile version of there poker software. Has anyone used this and does this really work?IS it even possible to play online on your mobile device anywhere? Is this technology available? If it is are there any allowed for Cdn. residents?
  13. Hey guys,I just wanted to know if there are any forum regulars that play on this site http://www.bwin.com. Can anyone tell me what there experience is with this site. Is Customer Service and reliability an issue withe BWIN ? Is this a trusted site for gaming. I like how they have a mac platform and would like to know how stable it is from actual users. Thanks.
  14. Shout outs Fred!Good luck with PokerStars! How come Manila is TBC? Is there still a Toronto FCP group?
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