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  1. i find hitler offensive. that tash of his really fuks me off
  2. ^^^^^too much money by doing something right on tha tables.good vid
  3. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm vodka.now if only it wasnt 9am here...
  4. i suppose u think ure post count gives u a reason to be a dikhed.i was posting for those who may be interested in it, whether thats sounds far fetched or not
  5. omg i just jizzed all over tha placebut it had nothing to do with this thread, i just wanted to share
  6. Oldest Recorded VoiceA 10-second audio clip of a woman singing "Au Clair de la Lune" has been played for the first time in 150 years. The short song was made in 1860 (17 years before Edison) using a 'phonautograph,' a device which could record but not play music. Phonautograph recordings were created by etching representations of sound waves into soot-covered paper. More at BBC News. Audio clip:clip
  7. i didnt really care what i had and i was tilting n playing like shit. i am aware my hand was shit, but didnt care. so there is no need to point that out. but thanks for your post, it just shows how much more harder the guy who tried to slowroll me had it coming to him lol
  8. the guy had been playing back at me wayyyyyyy too much in the blinds. i know my hand was poor, but i wanted to bust him so bad cos he been trash talking too much and going all in before on ace high board, when he had only a pair of kings wit no draw.Game #6746933584: Omaha PL ($0.15/$0.25) - 2008/04/12 - 15:45:44 (UK)Table "WildWest4" Seat 2 is the buttonSeat 1: pokerzedd ($56.57 in chips)Seat 2: Ellebea ($23.20 in chips)Seat 3: killimaha ($25.68 in chips)Seat 4: ismene ($53.04 in chips)Seat 5: Pdr5524 ($23.71 in chips)killimaha: posts small blind $0.15ismene: posts big blind $0.25----- HOLE C
  9. i had this hand last monthSeat 1: hero ($33.77 in chips)Seat 4: 7878 ($6.70 in chips)----- HOLE CARDS -----dealt to hero [Qh Tc Td 4h]hero: calls $0.257878: checks----- FLOP ----- [Ts Th 9h]7878: checkshero: checks----- TURN ----- [Ts Th 9h][7c]7878: bets $1.50hero: calls $1.50----- RIVER ----- [Ts Th 9h 7c][Jh]7878: bets $4.65hero: raises to $9.307878: is all-in $0.30Returned uncalled bets $4.35 to hero----- SHOW DOWN -----hero: shows [Qh Tc Td 4h] (Four of a kind, Tens, Jack high)7878: shows [7d 8h 7h 9s] (Straight Flush, Jack high)7878 collected $13.83 from Main pot----- SUMMARY -----Total
  10. masturbate more. itll pay off in the long run
  11. pokerprolific


    is there some reason you stole my avatar?
  12. just imagine if one of them died, or was hospitalised. stupid idea
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