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  1. So does anyone still play on this site since the whole scam with the superuser? Is it still juicy for cash games or any other types of games or is it just a waste of time and should just stick with the main sites like FT and PS.
  2. Before I even scrolled down I would have bet that someone had posted this already if not I would have.
  3. So from people who have been to either which one in your experience has worse players. I've been to both and I feel that they both have their pros and cons. Just asking to see what other peoples opinions are because me and my buddy have different views.
  4. Considering he pretty much minraised you preflop then c/r on flop your are def not ahead of his range and probably shoudlnt call with anything less than 2pair but still questionable call to see what turn brings. Then on turn you get check raised again your def way behind.
  5. Any other way you play this? Not upset about losing first I know it happens but just trying to get some advice.PokerStars Game #26848144598: Hold'em No Limit ($1/$2) - 2009/04/07 22:52:21 ETTable 'Eridanus III' 6-max Seat #5 is the buttonSeat 1: HaLoHaLo ($245.75 in chips) Seat 2: IsucksOUT ($600.40 in chips) Seat 3: YaDaDaMeeN21 ($211.30 in chips) Seat 4: pandaro52 ($141.90 in chips) Seat 5: sanyakms ($260.30 in chips) Seat 6: EnoBaLL ($309.35 in chips) EnoBaLL: posts small blind $1HaLoHaLo: posts big blind $2*** HOLE CARDS ***Dealt to IsucksOUT [6d 6s]IsucksOUT: raises $4 to $6YaDaDaMeeN21:
  6. I would be very interested in getting some of this action. Not much of a MTT player but def have been working hard on it the past few months. Have had moderate success in them actually taking down 2 4.40 and 2nd in a $11 180 out of probably only playin 30<. Other than that have taken first in a daily tournament at Mohegan Sun of which 208 people registered probably one of my biggest accomplishments. So feel free to PM me if you would like more info.
  7. 1. Anywere 200-5002. Goal is to eventually be playing between 200NL and 400NL comfortably3. Essentially have as long as needed to build but would like to be playing 200NL within 6 months ( if that sounds probable)
  8. Hi all was just wondering what in your own experience is the best way to build up a roll. SnGs or Cash games? Also which variations of each game. Also I know it probably comes down to which one you are better at but say your just as evenly skilled in both which one is better for let's say building up a roll less than 500
  9. I'm Down if stake still open
  10. Hi everyone was just really looking for some sort of SnG training website that is really worth the price. Any suggestions? I've heard of SnG Icons but haven't really heard any really good reviews on it or if it is worth it any advice would be great.
  11. I've really been getting into HU cash games recently. Even though I'm seriously underrolled for even the lowest limits on stars which is .25/.50 I feel like my SnG play has really not been so good and I will still play the occasional full Ring game. So the question is what would be a good starting roll for .25/.50 NLHE HU and should I be moving over to Full Tilt for rakeback if i do decide to pursue this?
  12. Hey guys hope everyone is having a good day. Just starting to get back into mulit-tabling and was just wondering is it better to play turbos or non when muli-tabling is it better to play multi-tables, 9 mans or 6 mans?By muli-tabling I usually mean between 4 and 6
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