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  1. You have to gamble in the beginning and there will be alot of maniacs in there with you. When you are up against a bully that's when you have to call, even if you don't have the nuts. Keep calling the bully and you will win eventually, because the bully's and maniacs are always playing too many hands. If you survive the crapshoot in the beginning you could be the chip leader. Play 80% of your hands on average. It's working for me, because all the donks have read the books and are playing to tight out of the gate.
  2. I followed the link and I agree with you 100%. Good job.
  3. Why don't you stay on-topic and stop the pathetic self promotion of your post. This post is about pros calling for a boycott of the 2007 WSOP. You guys weren't there in the 80s watching the WSOP. Even DN was 2 years old when the big guns were shooting it out at Binions kind of grubby hotel. When you went in there you felt the mob prescence and poker had a patina of danger to it, which the hot ladies liked. Looking at the WSOP today all we see is alot of geeks there on sat scholarships for $2 and heros made of Joe Hachem, Raymer and Moneymaker. Stu Unger could have demolished these spuds.
  4. No, kkcountry, not just a trolling joke account. I have a writing style that stimulates debate. All of my posts have been about important topics. I am knowledgeable about poker.Take you, though--you actually write "did you know Jamie Gold is getting sued). Now here's what a troll would say to that...Don't you read this forum? Tell us something we don't know! Everybody here already knew that. Who are you to come in here and act high and mighty about poker or anything else, when you say something so stupid to everyone at FCP like "Did ya know Jamie Gold is getting sued." Everyone here KN
  5. Awesome point, kkcountry. You are absolutely right. But the WSOP won't go for it, because they are all about the money, and the new owners of the WSOP are not great for poker.
  6. Spademan. I enjoy playing online, and this board helps give me an edge, and takes the edge off my play. I've won $3800 this weekend alone. Banging heads with these witless wonders has gotten me over some bad beats. I used to steam. But I think they just don't like my avatar.
  7. Your posts in this thread remind me of the story about the blind leading the blind, beans&icewater.Back to on-topic: The WSOP ME is not the best way to select a champion. Give the pros 5 seats at the final table and 5 more to the other 20,000 wannabees. And make this event a winner take all from now on.1 winner. 1 pot. 1 champion.
  8. That's rich. The first two sentences in my post are the answer to the OP's question--DN is a target because he stuck his nose into the business of the 7 players and so of course they will throw it back at him. I've read all of Daniel's blogs and DN replied to my post about the lawsuit, which is the reason I came over to FCP--to get his reaction.Scary smart is right--and not the good kind--that's true. See you in any ring game.
  9. DN has started a s###storm with his criticism of the 7 players suing the WPTE. They are taking shots at him because they can't understand why he feels the need to defend the WPTE like he does. For the two above who don't know Kessler why don't you google him instead of whining, so the OP's post doesn't get hijacked by "who is kessler" questions.Note to moderators of FCP: If you can't keep this board under control why don't you pass the baton?
  10. I made my point. There isn't alot of talent at FCP. I'll just let this thread alone since I'm so controversial to the donks. Wouldn't want to upset them anymore--but it's good being right. My last word on the WSOP ME is that it isn't a world championship anymore, and its the online sat players that have turned it into a cattle call of inept poker wannabees. And this illustrious game uses this tourney to crown it's World Champion?
  11. Not the world championship ME--that event is different. It has to be about crowning the world champion of poker. Let the pros play in a seperate sat and give them 5 seats at the final table, and then the 5 amateurs can have their shot. ESPN will get a good game, and poker will be better off having a legitimate world champion.My way, Jamie Gold would have been playing against DN, Ferguson, Ngyuen, Hachem and Hellmuth at the final table. That would be a championship worth something. And at the final table, divide the chips by 10 and let everyone start over with the same chips, so donks are no
  12. If you make a living--any living--playing poker, then you are a professional poker player. Some here focus on cashing in tourneys. I know poker players who have never won a tourney but who have thrived in cash games for 30 years.My beef is with Harrah's WSOP ME, and the online sats that flood the ME, when the rest of us have to pay $10 large to play. It's not an even field. If next year there are 20,000 players in the ME, then forget it... ESPN's coverage will show it for what it is... a bunch of donks trying to live the poker dream while the real players will be in cash games or starting
  13. Yes, the pros would, becuase the pros play in cash games. It was a small community and it was better. No need to shout--on a tilt? You guys steaming? Must be easy to take your money off or online.
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