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  1. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family Daniel!From "rambodave" and everyone in Nelson, B.C.
  2. I just heard Daniel won the B.C. Championship today! I hope it's true! Coming from me, a B.C. boy, it's a great thing for poker in Canada and for British Columbia! Congratulations Daniel, way to go! It's nice to hear all the good things you had to say about the River Rock also! :D
  3. Hi guys, First post so go easy. This is probably pretty straight forward for most but I can't come to a clear decision about this scenario. Live tourney, blinds and antes are starting to really move up and you're at a table full of maniacs. None of them are getting knocked out, their just trading chips around and I am card dead. I can't find an opportunity to steal becausing someone always seems to push. Blinds and antes are starting to hurt and cards have not been coming for 2 hrs. What do I do? Do I take a chance and gamble with my crap cards or do I sit back and watch my stack whitt
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