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  1. Yes, achieving $24000 per year before taxes and no benefits is quite achievable. I did it delivering pizza and later by waiting tables. Forget that degree for now. Once you get into the real world, there is no more summer breaks. And if you get a degree and then try to interview for that 9-5 job 6 years later when your Poker days winds down, employers are going to be curious about that gap. One things I do well is hire. Live within your means and have a solid BankRoll plan and discipline. Get a side job delivering pizza to help offset the variance. cheers
  2. Hi. I'll add: AllinBluff35 I haven't been on in several years, so no idea who is no longer active, and also my memory kinda sucks Pass Word recall ftw.
  3. I misread the BB and thought you min raised. But really it has more to do with the stacks relative to your bet. And yes, the Button has a big advantage but much more so when the amount of pressure he can put on you is real high compared to the pot size.Extreme example: You raise to $6 Preflop. Makes the hand play itself. Not that I advise that.
  4. I like the flop bet. Doesn't everyone put you on AK when you raise pre. Heck, seems like you have decent fold equity. Other than chasing a bd flush, there really is ony 4 good turn cards, if villain calls flop. You do put yourself in this spot clearing the field with a solid multi way hand; but I hear open limping is for girly men. So here we are. I'd contnue to over represent my hand and give up on the turn if we do not improve.As played, easy call.ps. I'm no expert, Just like opining.
  5. that's an awefully small opening bet considering the stacks. I think Button has a real advantage in this pot if you show any hestitation
  6. Only had two occassions to "practice". Saw them (two 3 yr old black labs) around mail box and just walked out to get the mail and retrive the can. The quieter one came to me head down. I just had my hand down and basically chilled while he took a quick sniff and sautered off. THe other one then decides to start barking, and pretty much followed me back to the garage. I then walked out of the garage and stood in the yard, generally, trying to look disniterested, occassionally walking towards barkng dog. She would move away and then come back once I retrieved. THe male more behave one, ju
  7. living a more balanced, less grumpy life these days
  8. Preflop is never a fold, maybe a raise, more so if BB would fold.But I"m all good Flop and Turn. no need to lead the flop to "protect hand", that board is not draw heavy to typical rasing hands, and you got lots of "Dead" players to get an extra or two in. The turn is a good time to lead, just in case no one bets, a check thru is pretty disastrous. Not that that would be likely. But give the BB a chance to "protect" AK, KQ, AA, KK, whatever, again you have lots of dead money contributing. Even after MP folds, I see value in 3 -bettingNow, BB caps the turn. What does he have? On the riv
  9. Currently I actively avoid them. Ignoring them is progress
  10. The facing up to fears makes sense. Heck, I used to deliver pizza and wait tables. This coming from a shy person who is afraid of dogs and pretty much everything. But 1:00 in the morning I was going to strang homes every night. I do this with regards to Wasp Nests, surveying the deck/house frequently, or going under the house regularly to minimize the anxiety that builds when I avoid.alright, thanks for confirming. I don't think I'll be feeding the dogs though. More likely, I'll work towards presenting a confdent, comfortable demeanor, generally ignoring them.
  11. long time listener, first time caller.Seriously, I'm a pussy - afraid of unfamilar dogs. I'm dreading mowing because the neighbor's neighbor's pair of labs like to run free. They've grown up around lots of children. Aside from the excitable one barking occassionally, they seem balanced enough. But they don't listen to any commands as the owner struggles to round them up as she feigns embarrassment for letting them out once again. What is it about dog owners that think it's perfectly fine to extend their dogs turf to our house?So, basically in my head I say "these dogs are friendly, No Eye
  12. <--- slow ?Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee ?Georgia Academic Team Association ?Get After Their Asses ?Geometry, Algebra, Topology and Arithmetic ?
  13. I presume you know I was not suggesting he is the "antichrist"; but only fascinated by the interest in that topic, apparently
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