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  1. not how I would have played it but not incorrect either. I understand the play was to isolate and hopefully be up against a draw which makes it the right play even though your read was off. I however like the fold in that situation for a number of reasons. It is late in a tourney when I like to play tight and climb by getting my chips in as a big favorite. This situation has you at best against an A2,3 or 4 but more likely 2 overcards or larger pair. Either way I don't like risking such a large portion of my stack against a probable coin flip. As you said this person had just sat down at the t
  2. Thanks for the reinforcement. I forgot to mention that it is occuring more when I have 15-20 BBs. Glad it is more me just running bad than poor play to at least one person.
  3. So I have been getting in this situation a lot recently and it seems to be giving me a negative result most of the time. The situation is me holding a middle-big pair against an early-mid position raise by a loose aggresive player who has raised 3-5x the BB. Because of the nature of the opponent and opportunity to pick up not only the blinds but a raise from a loose opponent who I have been reraising all in. My play is made based on the read of the opponent having a weak Ace which gives me a pair against one over. The trouble is that people have been calling me a lot on this and sure enought t
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