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  1. Just call me Mr. Bright side:Many of us had made deposits to full tilt that had instantly credited to our full tilt accounts, but had not left our bank accounts. I deposited $160 in February and it never left my bank. There it sat yesterday.....staring at me. I slowly came to the realization that even though I did not cash in the tournament I spent the money on, full tilt failed to process it from my account. Long story short, I never LOST the $160. I used it last night to buy into a live cash game and cashed out after 1 single hour of play for a profit of $500 (weak sick brag). For the
  2. Not that it matters but I am having the same issue. I requested $100 the beginning of November and it was in my account in 3 days. I requested another $100 on 11-19 and I have yet to receive anything. They sent me the same emails you all received only no free money yet. I expect a response today as I sent an email to them on Wednesday asking about the status. I don't get it. One of the leaders and they don't have instant chat or a phone number, they are slow on email response and you can't get your money back on a consistent basis.
  3. I love it when people say "flame away I don't care I am not coming back to this thread after I post this" and then come back every 2 seconds to read the flames.
  4. People should not be allowed to flame until they have completed 100 hours of personal training from you.Pure magic.
  5. if this is true, we absolutely HAVE to get live updates on this and start a pool on when he busts or if he cashes.
  6. Well cameron, it has been fun.It is sad to see you go because you are the start of so many funny threads (although not usually intintional).GLKeep us posted.Do it for you and not for any other reason and you will be fine.I wanna throw in a RKIGS for old time's sake but I won't.Take care.
  7. No problem. I meant nothing of it. Mostly SW.E-TOUGH is easily the funniest term invented in the last few years.I am really just giggling like a little school girl at the death of ripptyde.
  8. Hello all,I am bumping this again because this weekend is it!!!The official hooters vegas trip.My wife is actually going as my guest. I think that is kinda hot. My plan is simple: I will play in one tournament at no more than $150 buy in but no less than $100 just for the hell of it.I will be at the final table taping of wpt at belagio for a few hours on Friday.I will spend the rest of my time at the $1-2 nl tables. I am not asking for advice on where to play as I will use the search function like a good little forum nerd.Anyone else going down?Detailed trip report to follow.
  9. jmoney you should thank our fallen forum douchbag for his retardedness and his association to you. This made you the victim and made us like you. Admit it, you were well on your way to his level.But the dark side does not always prevail. I like you, don't get me wrong. Hell I would hit it.does that make me gay?
  10. thank you mods!I am so happy I don't know what to do with myself.
  11. Thank you ripptyde for making the argument for "option 1" solid as a rock.What is awesome about your responses is that you only respond when someone makes a VALID point about you. You kick into defense mode and type away. It is sad really. Usually you see this with really fat women with self esteem problems.Hmmmmm
  12. hehehe you said ass swell.GL DN!Thanks patty
  13. You should produce some writing skills. I have no idea what you are trying to gain from that post.
  14. Who cares!That is the best news I have heard all day!NH FCP
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