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  1. I think maybe as an extra option you could speed up the action before it gets to you or speed all the action during a hand would be fine, but it should just be another option. I think the current speed mode is alright, as you wanna see what the players do before it gets to you, and watch their animation/listen to their speech. As I understand, you guys have given the players 'tells', and if that is something the player is interested in playing around with, they need to be able to watch the action, but still be able to go into speed mode once they fold out of the hand...
  2. Haha, trust me, this taught me my lesson. This is the first time since I was a minor that I bought a video game without reading up on it, hearing about it from a trusted friend, or being a fan of the developer's previous games.But hey, gotta pat Daniel on the back, he did a great job promoting Stacked, that is what ended up making me pick it up without reading any reviews.
  3. Thank you for looking into the problem, for that you get a big kudos from me.I saw the screen shot, and it looks like in your debugging scenario, the pot was split just fine. I want to do everything I can to help you guys, I'm a big fan of Daniel and I really want this game to be the best poker video game on the market, so here are a few more details that may help you guys out.In both situations I encountered where the whole pot was awarded to one player when it should have been split (the K2 vs. 33 and the A6 vs. A6) one of the two players in the hand was all-in, and both situations were in
  4. wea·ry Audio pronunciation of "weary" ( P ) Pronunciation Key (wîr)adj. wea·ri·er, wea·ri·est 1. Physically or mentally fatigued. 2. Expressive of or prompted by fatigue: a weary smile. 3. Having one's interest, forbearance, or indulgence worn out: weary of delays. 4. Causing fatigue; tiresome: a weary wait.I'd say #3's good...
  5. Maybe that is true, but I've said at least twice in this thread that the "Dirty or Damaged Disc" error is not a very big deal to me, I can take the game back and exchange it for another copy. What is an issue is that I don't want another copy if the rule set it uses for Hold'Em are different that those that are accepted the world over. Daniel does not play in cardrooms that award a split pot to the player with the best 7-card Hold'Em hand, so I don't understand why a poker game with his name on it plays by those rules.
  6. Just so I am clear, the split pot issue does not happen every time, I have seen it split the pot correctly. The problem is not only that it happened, but the Technical Support team wrote back to my complaint explaining that it is INTENDED to happen that way. So the issue is that Daniel put his name on a game that is supposed to deliver realistic casino poker, but the rules that it uses concerning split pots are not used in any casinos in North America, as far as I know.Also, for anyone who is saying that video games or poker simulations are a waste of time, I bought Stacked because I was hav
  7. I didn't come in 1st on my first two MTT's, nor did I say that I did. I had the problem saving the game after those two tournaments, which was particularly annoying because how much time I had to spend to win them, vs. the times I busted out early and could just turn the Xbox off.
  8. I'm very disappointed that I bought Stacked with Daniel Negreanu for Xbox from Best Buy, where the return policy on opened software is only open to an exchange for the same product. Let me start by saying I will never purchase another product produced by Myelin Media ever again, and unfortunately I'll have to be weary of anything Daniel puts his name on in the future.First of all, it has been very hard for me to finish a single tournament in Stacked. I came in 1st in a MTT in the Single Player mode, and then after the tournament the game stopped working before I could save my progress due to
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