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  1. Well Bob, what do you think? Any word on when other sites will be coming on the network?
  2. Does anyone have any idea when more players will be coming over? Pretty tough to get a sit n go started. Cash games aren't a lot better.
  3. Well its been a week since i could play poker and doesn't look like anytime soon that fcp will be back up. I keep seeing that everyone outside us will be playing wednesday but what about the us players? Fcp info posted that us players would not be able to play for a week. Well weeks up. Now what. How long now?
  4. My bad, I must have missed it. Did FCP decide to merge with someone? Pretty much the only site I use right now.
  5. Look at the circumstance after the flop. And i know obviously all the money was in. but flopping the boat runner runner? That is pretty bad.
  6. Amazing thing just happened. Playing online sit-n-go tourney just now. Played 4 hands the whole game. Got short and had to go all-in against the big stack's preflop raise with AK. Held up. Next hand raised with AA and the new short stack went all in with j 10 dd and the A's held up. Played one more hand down to 6 players. Short stack after losing to a higher kicker. 88 go all in from middle position and the bb calls me with kq. Here comes the good part. Flop comes of course j8j. Wait for it. Turn j. And of course river j. Beat that one.
  7. That would definitely explain a lot. But why oh why would it happen so much more in live play? That's the only part I don't get. God likes computers? So then I get a free pass?
  8. Well, what do you do when every time the money goes in you are at least a 60% favorite and suckout every time? Happens to me all the time. I have a new theory, whatever % I should be to win is actually my opponents win %. Has anyone ever gone through an extended streak of suckouts? Happens mostly to me in live play. I think I personally must have bad luck. Its one thing to be a coin flip, but domination? All the time? 3 times tonight at my buddy's house.
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