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  1. anyone know any poker results tracking software that supports bodoglife.com?
  2. Hey i heard that there are sites that track players wins and losses adn will tell if you are up or down for the past month, year, lifetime, etc by enternig your online screename. does anyone know if this is true and if so what sites track this? I would love to see where i stand in the plus or minus column for the last few years.I've heard of sites like twodimes.net that track how many times you raise on teh button, fold your blind to a raise, etc. But i'm looking for something that tracks players ups and downs if that exists can someone please let me know, thanks!!!
  3. Hi,does anyone know anything about running poker playing as a business, writing off computers, or internet bills as business expenses etc. I remember seeing a book about this but cant find it now, does anyone have any knowledge in this area? thanks
  4. it was my understanding that the only fee to withdraw money was the 2 dollar atm fee?loading up the money is a little pricey, but its the modern age of online poker, i figure its still better then paying for gas to drive to a casino, stay in a room, and tip a dealer. i miss the old days of funding your bodog account with money from your checking even if it wasnt there!!!!
  5. I'm just curious as to everyones opinion of this service. All i really know is be prepared to wait if you have to call them about something, 30 minutes on hold today. Got my account setup though, I just wannt know what people think of epassporte, how easy they find it to withdraw etc.and does anyone have the card that you pay 35 bucks for??? is it worth it? looks like the epassporte card you can get for 35 is worth it for withdraws. still confused how the cash gets back in my pocket though.
  6. they are both playing 300-600 head up at full tilt its a pretty intense match.
  7. playing the omaha and omaha high low tables with gus, anyone know who it is/
  8. well, drunk you are just more careless and reckless generally,and tired, youre just more at risk to miss the details of the game.The reason people go so incredably broke while playing drunk is becuase they get tired and want to quit the game, being drunk and stubborn and careless makes them not want to quit the game untill they are forced too via going broke.basically you want out of the game, and the only way is to go broke, so subconciously you make poor decisions so you can go broke.
  9. what draft are they talking about?earlier they were playing head up omaha high low and madasow kept getting up to bet the football game, then Ivey scooped 2 pots for like 40k total and matasow quit
  10. yeah americans are the best but it is there game, soo thats kinda like wondering why european cricket players are better then american cricket players.it is interesting that the swedes excel at the game though, and they clearly do.also, anyone wanna fill me in on pwnage, pwned etc, i've been on these boards for like 3-4 years and dont know what it is.
  11. i got like 270 on party thats gonna end up being this sundays tourney buy in.I got about 30k on bodog though, i've thought about taking some out now cause my withdraws go directly from the offshore bank to my bank and i dont know if that will be a problem in the future.I emailed bodog though and i have alot of faith that they will find ways to make it possible for US citizens to keep gambling with them, and keep the transfer of moneys possible wiether that is illegal here or not.as of right now i'm gonna continue to cash out anything in my account over 30k once every 2 weeks like i always do.
  12. stud is dead outside of atlantic city new jersey, and the online internet.
  13. http://saddlepoint.livejournal.com/7844.htmltheres the link to eurorounders its good stuff.
  14. for anyone that likes rounders, google search european rounders, its hilarious, its basically pot limit omaha version of rounders its pretty funny.not masterpieces but classics, karate kid, goonies, original batman and superman movies. the program HAHA, i like that movie though.
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