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  1. Not that anyone really cares but since im forced into B&M's I figured I would play this game in my off time. I miss My weekend at Daniels seems so long ago. God I was fat.
  2. What are they gonna do sue us?*just bought ticket to thailand*
  3. Maybe longer? who knows. Hi all see ya next year.
  4. Member No.: 31,031Means i dont see you.
  5. I would like to say as one of the first members of weekend at Daniels that he is the greatest host you have ever met. I also belive 15k is way to cheap he should charge 50k. This is because what you take away lasts a lifetime and you only live once.Ive actually lost 50 pounds man was I fat back then.Good luck with this Daniel and best wishes from Texas!
  6. well changed jobs bought a house and a Beemer. Mostly been playing B&M I seem to have really good results with that. 3 hour bus ride is getting to me. I have a good bankroll going and ithink its time to switch to online again.
  7. im wondering what are the ways to fund my pstars and tilt accounts. I heard about prepaid cards but not sure which ones. I have chase bank they block funding are there any that allow? Thanks in advance.
  8. Different viewwho is that on the left hand side looks familar
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