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  1. Blasphemy! A while back there was a planned AZ Poker outing that either never happened, or I ended up having to miss. I am down with someone trying to set up another one. I think speedz was setting it up the first time, but if I recall right he moved/is moving?I'm so out of touch right now.. But the point is, let's try to set something up. I hear the 5-150 game is juicy. I suck at No Limit, but I'm ok with the occasional donation.Ray
  2. I wish it was less than a 50 minute drive for me. I stick to online instead. I was out there a few weeks ago for a charity tournament though, and the place seemed nice.Ray
  3. Aside from you missing the obvious opportunity of taking cell phone pics of Anna's cleavage to post here, the entire evening soudned perfect.Well played.Ray
  4. Depends on if they have multiple IPS or not. I'm personally ok with anything that makes their life more difficult. :)Ray
  5. Can any mod priv message me his ip so I can ban it over at our forums....Ray
  6. Hooray for my spidey sense going off....Session Start (RaymondJPowers:kolman36): Tue Aug 22 15:32:07 2006[15:32] kolman36: hey[15:32] RaymondJPowers: heyas [15:32] kolman36: do you have funds on party poker?[15:33] RaymondJPowers: near nothing I think. Why?[15:34] kolman36: you have firepay or neteller[15:34] RaymondJPowers: obv [15:43] RaymondJPowers: Well.... glad to participate in your poll....[15:52] *** "kolman36" signed off at Tue Aug 22 15:52:06 2006.[15:55] *** "kolman36" signed on at Tue Aug 22 15:55:41 2006.[15:57] kolman36: how mcuh did you say you had on there again[15:57] RaymondJ
  7. Currently on FCP I call KK "WonHand% 0."Why yes, I am on a downstreak, why do you ask?RayEdit: Hurmm, I can call AQ that too.. and AJs.... and KTs......
  8. This is a total "me too" as this post defines what happens to me on a daily basis. I used to think it was a wireless problem, and it still may be, but I have noticed that, while locked up/lagged on the poker client, I can still view websties... I think it has something to do with the heartbeat system that FCP uses... In addition, if I reseat after this happens, and choose Wait for Big Blind,and Auto Post, the system will autopost me next hand regardless of position.Ray
  9. When Jamie Gold signed Ron Jeremy, he couldn't find him a job. Rather than admit defeat, Jamie Gold created the entire porn industry and made Ron a star.Ray
  10. Apologies for pointing to another forum, but Johnny posts on 2+2, and you can find some of his posts here, including some talk about why he did not work the WSOP this year...Ray
  11. What do you mean how to find it for tournies? Poker Office automatically tracks tournies with its hud just like it tracks ring games... Ray
  12. I use and love Poker Office for FCP. I highly reccommend it. I love the heads up display.Ray
  13. Did anyone else read a little more into this...Ray
  14. I just want to say this is a hilariously fun idea. Nice thread and good times Grinder. :)Ray
  15. This is true. Several pros I know use more stringent one's. (Actually true, but the real answer is the same as it is here, it varies by player.)Ray
  16. THE SHOWDOWN 1. A player must show all cards in the hand face-up on the table to win any part of the pot.From Robert's Rules of PokerFound HereRay
  17. Not being a tournament guy (just look at my stats!), this is useless to me, but I admit it is totally neat. :)Ray
  18. Man it says I'm a losing player at the $5 SNG's. Time to retire from poker. :(Username Games Played Av. Profit Av. Stake Av. ROI Total Profit Form Network Filter RayPowers 18 -$1 $5 -21% -$20 - Ongame Ray
  19. I agree personally. I was a HUGE fan of Raymer until the lawsuit. (let's however, not hajack this thread into yet another lawsuit thread).Ray
  20. I think he was average. He was no embarassment, and he had some character and flare.Talking to other pros, they seemed to love him. Raymer is well respected, but kind of boring, Hachem had more entertainment value to them.Based on that... I bet they'll love Gold. :PRay
  21. Most keyloggers show up as spyware/viruses yes.Ray
  22. You all are starting to make me paranoid. I'm going home and scanning all three laptops again. Ray
  23. Sucky on the bank account :(If you hate Norton, go with McAfee, IMHO its pretty much a wash which one of those two you use as long as you use one..Ray
  24. Also change every password you can think of, especially E-mail. Listening to everything you say, someone having your e-mail password SEEMS most likely. (who knows for sure)I use: CCleaner - About once every two weeksMicrosoft Windows Defender - Nightly RunSpyBot Search and Destroy - Once A WeekAdAware - Once a WeekNortan AntiVirus - On All the timeBitDefender Online Scanner - About Biweekly, unless something seems weird.(All should be easily googleable.)The last one is to make sure that a virus has not corrupted my system disabling other virus scanners.Yah, I'm paranoid. :)I know what you mean
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