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  1. Not saying that what so ever, just stating I run horrible there 28 days out of every month.
  2. Its not my picture? Jesus bro I feel ya. Its amazing I have a good day in SnGs then the next 3 are back to the usual horrrrible beats and UL. I think Stars is the only site I cannot continue to build my bR on.
  3. This is the only site that drives me ****ing nuts. I can handle bad beats and being UL but when you have a 21% of coinflips won in the last 3 days and donimating hands being cracked left and right it gets old quick yet I continue to give them more chances.Anyone else seem to run so ****ing poorly on Stars?
  4. I like the turbos but sometimes they're fustrating as hell when you have to push with A4o on the button on the bubble and get called by J3c and get owned lol.Ive tried those $11r, I guess Im not good at Sats.
  5. Regular SNGs are just so boring to me. You dont play much do you to only have in 165 played? Although you have cashed in 76 of them you dont have a big enough sample size.
  6. Nice job berating a player who just gave you free money.
  7. I've learned to like them, more money per hour.
  8. So I just put money back into stars although I hate it with a passion but I was craving mtts/sngs after playing cash for about a month or so and I cannot believe how horrible these players are.I've been HU 7 times so far and have only won 1 or 2 I think because they make horrible calls and win. I know in the long run you want this but right now its fustrating.Who else plays in these?
  9. The first night I played, I destroyed 1/2, making $200 profit within 40 minutes. I've been slowly building a nice profit over the last 5-6 days and then when I felt comfortable playing 2/4 I moved up yesterday. Yesterday didnt go so well as I lost about $100 or so but today I just destroyed it again on Party this time.To all the limit players out there, do you perfer 6 max or full ring? How do you handle with the horrible swings? Whats a good bb/100? What do you usually buy in with?
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