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  1. this entire thread is a jokeDaniel is a straight up bad ***...PERIODhe doesnt loose any sleep over dropping a mil here and there. his fame/notoriety and respect within the pro community is worth 10 times the value of his roll.I cant believe this worthless POS has the gall to bash Daniel....I am not kissing his *** at all but my God...Daniel is probably the best ambassador we could ever hope for...his results are outstanding to say the least...he is a proven competitor to say the leastThis POS OP sees a couple of youtube vids where Daniel gets coolered and decided that he is a donk and now in
  2. jesus effin christ what a doosh this OP is...this is sad. mods please ban this guy, hack his system upload the worst trojan imaginable....rape his children and sodomize his grandparents.what a terrible thread this is reprehensible...I thoiught I was a jerk this guy is a major jerkoff omg omg omg how can you possibly rip Daniel....not trying to stroke him or anything but daniel is a really nice, genuine guy how can you root against this manman what a terrible thread please kill the OP immediately there is NO room for forgiveneness here what a jerkoff
  3. It's sad that I'm probably younger then a good handful of the posters around here, yet I act more mature at 20 then they do at 40, but that's why they all have < $1mil bankrolls and are constant winning players at every level ever, and I don't know what I'm talking about.LOL what a self absorbed ******Hi there yea its really sad that I am so much more mature than anyone posting on this threadsorry I cant even berate this guy its a futile effortHi there I am far superior to you all....have a nice day omg what a loserIt's sad that I'm probably younger then a good handful of the posters around
  4. I dont 'hate' anybody.....the OP's evaluation of Jamie was just beyond naive let alone idiotic.
  5. invest your life savings...and then bet your childrens unborn childrens childrenits a lock
  6. dude ya know what..you are a ****in IDIOTJamie Gold just won the main event in the WSOPPERIOD you are some noob micro limit envious doosh with delusions of grandeur....re-living every play he made...thiinkin to yourself ' I could have made a better decision'see ya next year when you are bashing the next ME champLOL @ micro limit donks bashing WSOP champs my God what an idiot this OP is...can you fk'rs please for the love of Christ give credit where credit is duehow sad can you get... to be some nobody forum tard with no resume' whatsoever ripping the main event champ..what a noob doosh...ban t
  7. my post count is 1.3 per day, how dare you insinuate I am a 'post whore'.....I will no longer degrade JMoney for his post whorishness but you sir have no business accusing me of this. Yes Im a jerkoff, yes I'm offensive and out of line and all too often a late night drunken poster who offends and makes little if any sense at all...I readily concede that much....but plz retract your comparison to myself and JMoney as 'post whores'....I may be many things but thats one thing Im NOT is a post whore
  8. zzzzzzmove this crap to the bad beat section the OP wasnt even in the hand cmon man this is a dumbass post who fk'n cares we've all seen bad beats 10 times this bad sorry I even wasted 30 seconds of my life reading and addressing this crapI emailed Stars asking them how many hands Ive seen since I have been a member380,000yea this hand is really amazingsnoooooooooooore
  9. Lone Troutmisery loves company so I'll share this monumental blunder with youI was chip leader in Stars $150+12 about 6 months ago (back when I actually had a legitimate bankroll) with 60 or so left.I had just come home from a big dinner earlier and OMG I had to take a **** so bad.so I make a run for the power dump between hands.Im squattin tryin to rip out the madness and I hear the dreaded 'beeeeep' I try to pinch it off rapid style but to no avail...my bowels werent cooperating.I run back with my pants down to my knees, without even a wipe I knew I only had a few micro seconds left to ac
  10. LOL Im sorry but I cannot stop laughing at the Kung Fu baby thats some seriously funny **** man. I have had that gif in my library for a few weeks now since it came out on break.com and Ive probably seen it 500 times it still makes me laugh my *** off. Im just sad that its too much bandwidth for my sig O RLYYYYYLONG LIVE THE KUNG FU BABY !!!
  11. LOL thanks I like it too....I tried to make this my sig but it was revoved for excessive bandwidth>>
  12. JMoney seriously I dont feel like wasting any more time or energy dukin it out with you. Its a stupid message forum...I dont have anything against you...post all you want....I have been simply retaliating as a defense mechanismWhats sad is that so many people on here thrive on this type of thing. The internet is a place where little men can become big men with no fear of consequence. Im guilty of this type of behavior myself I wont deny itAs far as I am concerned this little cyber battle we have been fueling is over. I don't feel like continuing down this path anymore. ya Norhas that
  13. whats your job Crack ? what ya gonna be doing
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