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  1. Do you think the flamers might at some point release their hammer lock on Daniel's nutsack long enough to notice that Kid Poker has 0 bracelets and 0 WPT titles since 2004? Not to mention he's down a million dollars in his last Big Game session.
  2. Again, there's a chance that Daniel could get back on track;, there's still lots of tournaments to play. With a little luck, things could be very different. Still, his poker play won't begin to improve significantly until he finally comes out of retirement and goes back to life as a poker pro.The biggest part of the problem, in our view, is the continued emergence of the young poker phenoms - Shorr, Jacob, and Schulman. The combination of the new players and more sophisticated NL strategy with an aging, stubborn Daniel is a recipe for disaster.
  3. We've been accused of being fans of Daniel Negreanu fans. We're not.We've also been accused of hating Daniel Negrenu. We don't.But let's just be clear on this - Kid Poker is done.He's got nothing to be ashamed of. He put together a historic run in 2004. Then he defeated an objectivey inferior group to win the 2006 WSOP Tunica Circuit. Though some think he's not as good as he used to be, we're not sure that he was ever very good. Instead, he benefited from an outgoing personality and a solid tight agressive game, which allowed him to average a $2424.85 hourly rate in 2005. This year, his VP$IP
  4. Though one can argue that the dealer and casino are at fault, the poker player should have protected his cards in a way to prevent this situation. Especially if the dealer has a reputation for making mistakes or not having lots of experience in the job.
  5. A strange thing has happened to Daniel Negreanu since the start of the 2006 37th Annual World Series of Poker.Suddenly, he sucks.Well, he doesn't necessarily suck. But his play sure does.On Thursday night, the 2004 Player of Year, first called an $8,800 re-raise against Marcos Lechman with pocket 4's. Next on the flop, Daniel goes all in when his opponent has flopped a full house.Daniel's time at this year's WSOP was supposed to be nothing short of an excercise in dominance. It's Daniel Negreanu, after all. Is it that Daneil has lost it, or is it his recent sickness, or is the WSOP mishandling
  6. Some WSOP insiders are expressing shock regarding the decision of Daniel to lambast the handling of the No-Limit Hold'em Shootout tournament. "I know Daniel," one WSOP source said, "and I can't believe what he's saying."Added the source: "Whoever is putting this guy in front of a camera is f--king crazy." Daniel has had plenty of issues with this year's WSOP and kicked off the tirade on his video blog. He failed to show up on time. He didn't fully understand the rules of the tournament. And a WSOP chairperson, let it be known that Daniel is one guy not worth having on the player advisory panel
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