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  1. Hi I've been gone for 10 years and I googled my old FCP handle and found this thread among others. I'm posting because I called Obama's presidency in June 2006 on this very thread.. Gotta admit, pretty impressive.
  2. http://www.japanesebugfights.comDiscuss
  3. forgot one..21. You will immediately dispose of all of your dental hygiene products.
  4. unmatching socksempty CD casesunopened junk maildead hookers
  5. Ha. Well Sandy it looks like you guys actually owe me money here (handing her 39 coupons).Silence from Sandy......
  6. If you're my myspace friend you would know, based on my recent shameless bulletins, that I have decided to quit smoking. Cold turkey is the tough guy way to do it, and I'm not scared to admit that I'm too much of a pussy to even attempt to conquer this horrible addiction without some kind of chemical aid. I tried it for two days and upon my first heated phone conversation with Toyota regarding an unauthorized charge to my debit card I knew that I would need help with this. I was literally reaching for my smokes following my abrupt hangup with the service manager. When they were nowhere to
  7. CrackofmyACE


    all I have are pics of #6 and #7 sorryChrozzo... talk to my attorneyanyone know if TheRedPill99 is alive or dead?
  8. CrackofmyACE


    Cracks back!Been a while. how u silly bastards doin?Lets see...since I last posted here I've....1) busted my online poker bankroll2) fallen in love3) quit a job and then got laid off from my next job4) spent the entire summer collecting unemployment, going to concerts, camping, and playing live poker5) quit smoking6) broken the Guiness Book's record for most weekday masturbation sessions in one summer7) met Ron Mexico in person and had hot anal sex with him8) spent a week on Beans n Ice Waters ranch shooting wild animals and wearing their hides while I pounded Coronasso whats new on FCP? an
  9. wow i only clicked submit once... my laptops haunted apparently
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