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  1. 5bb/100 is fine, your probably playing prety optimally. Just keep grinding and move up when your bankroll dictates. You'll probably sustain that winrate for at least a few more levels
  2. Thats god, not Jesus. God could easily have banged some hot egyption pyramid princess, he can do whatever he wants
  3. They should just call the bill "The Party Poker bb/100." Goddamn I miss that place
  4. AWESOME show. except when they do the close ups on bugs, that crap is disgusting
  5. New day, same Tourney. Whos in tonight? Lets FT this *****
  6. neverbeg.com specializes in teaching losing poker players how to ask for stake's without actually mentioning the word
  7. At some point in your life someone probably told you that you are clever and/or witty. They were lying
  8. 6680 at second break. double up or bust time soon
  9. im @ 5100 a little after 1st break. in as bournebaby. GL dbrent
  10. Who's in? Anyone for a $10 last longer? hollerrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
  11. I busted as well very early. Im on a huge downswing too, If I lose 1 more KK all in preflop in FTP cash games im seriously going to quit poker. forever.
  12. starts at 12am eastern. holler, im in. lets get some peeps in this ***** and get a last longer goin. hurrrrrry
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