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  1. Gotta say I'm really not thrilled to hear this. Frankly, I wonder what the signup fee is for in the first place and to pay it twice? No way. I have to agree with this. I was looking forward to checking out pokervt, but committing an upfront fee and a neverending monthly fee is just way too big a committment for me. The only way I would've considered it is if I could pay my 30 bucks, check some stuff out for a month then wait a few months and plunk down another 30 bucks. But I see that's not possible. Those of us who don't aspire to be full-time pros and just want to check the site out for a bi
  2. Omg. Hell froze over. lool.Ok, fun duel. Ray, please stop tapping on the tank now. k thanks.
  3. Internetz, finally!Guess you'll just have to pwn some online tournies instead.
  4. Just wondering if the next Protege is still scheduled to get underway between the PS Caribbean Adventure and 2008 WSOP?
  5. Any chance we can trade Sam Grizzle for Isabelle Mercier?
  6. What's the verdict, Joshie? To go or not to go?
  7. Okay, I'm very late in saying this, but I very much liked this promo. Thanks, FCP.
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