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  1. I don't see chucksty's triple crown in his recent scores list? What were the specifics and am I the only one not seeing them?
  2. That hand has been talked about rather extensively on 2+2. The consensus opinion is that he was probably in call down mode anyway, mis-read the board, and got lucky.
  3. TLK is a 19 year old Swedish kid. He had a 1mil+ september, much of it coming from JDawg. Check out this link: http://www.stoxpoker.com/forums/showthread.php?t=332Anyone who stoxtrader says is good, is ummm very good.
  4. To those following this story: It should be noted that California has very strict pro-employee/contractor laws that do not acknowledge most non-compete clauses that do not involve the sale of a business.
  5. Here is a scary post at 2+2 about a guys account being frozen at an OnGame site: http://forumserver.twoplustwo.com/showthre...;gonew=1#UNREAD.Myself, I've been worried about the opposite problem, OnGame not having a good handle on preventing collusion/cheating on their network with all their skins. Personally, I think the whole network model is unstable and we already have several big examples of it going bad.As long as there is good action at the stand alone sites like party, stars, bodog, and full tilt, I just can't see playing on one of these network sites, especially OnGame...I'm wonderi
  6. For those of you saying he paid too much, you have to keep in mind that chairs (especially good ones) cost way more than the table. Very nice buy, very classy, congrats!
  7. bump, edited original post to include link. I'm an idiot
  8. This is a link to coverage of the latest rather dumb "extreme poker" event. The interesting thing about the coverage is that Phil Laak is billed as the pro, while the winning "amateur", StoxTrader, is in fact one of the top high stakes players on the internet who made 1mil+ last year in internet games. I have to figure Laak only dreams of making that kind of money.Edit: http://livedigital.com/content/731726
  9. Good analogy. The various money lists in golf, for better or worse, are given a lot of weight in golf. Go to any golf website and you can find the "all time money list". The PGA tour gives a lot of weight to money list for various qualifications. So, while I agree that it can be misleading it is worth something to be "top tourney earner".
  10. If Allen Cunningham finishes 2nd or 3rd then he and whoever wins will pass Daniel on the list.Just a very low content thought...
  11. Yes, Raymer said that he hadn't heard that before Daniel mentioned it and doubted it was true. It doesn't sound true either.
  12. I read that UB is valuing the non-buyin part of the package at 5 grand this year for pretty much the same package they gave last year. I know several people who think this is a big ripoff and plan to play cash/tournaments to fund their trip by buying in directly and booking their own travel and hotel.
  13. OP, doesn't seem like you are in bad shape. In fact, I think with 115,000 you have a bigger than average stack. Don't get too crazy too early...
  14. There was a guy who posted weekly on 2+2 about making a living and supporting his family playing mostly 3/6 limit, 3 tabling. He made around 80 grand in one year playing around 45 hours/wk if I remember correctly. Some people around here might remember him. There is a site somewhere with a link into the 2+2 archieves with each weekly post.
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