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  1. This isn't a story about a bad beat I had so calm down everyoneI was playing $1-2 NL at Ceasars in Indiana this weekend and a few tables over someone hit the bad beat jackpot for about $205,000. Someone flopped quad dueces and then turn and river both came a 5 and lost to quad fives. The poker room went crazy and took about 2 hours for things to calm down. The crap part of the story is there was a guy who had just walked up to smoke a cig and another guy was at dinner with someone playing over his chips. Only one guy at the table chipped in $200 and gave to the guy who went to smoke. You'
  2. Hey....I know this is off topic (flame away) but I am planning a bachelor party in vegas for june and was wondering if anyone has any ideas or has ever done a bachelor party in vegas....thanks guys!
  3. Won $4700 on full tilt last spring. 1st out of 800some people
  4. I know I am posting this way early but am going back to Vegas in March for my 3rd time. Just taking a long weekend away from school and heading out Mar 22-25. Going to see Dave Matthews Band at MGM and play $1-$2.
  5. Very very true...excellent points.
  6. You are right.Should have kept playing and not tip that particular dealer any more.
  7. Harrahs is a great choice. It is in the dead center of the strip and has monorail access. Rooms are pretty cheap and are all in pretty good shape. Very nice piano and outside bar and you can gamble at all the Harrahs properties and earn comps.
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