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  1. Anthony,I know that your well into your first day of the Commerce ME. All I can say is that I wish you the best of luck in life and in poker!
  2. Delphi_ you're way off on your food analysis!!! the food at the Hustler is 200% better thatn the Bike. commerce has the best followed by Hustler!Gl in your game!
  3. HAWK--Man you're the best!! thanks a million, or should i say $20 bucks!! I really appreciate your help.
  4. I remember that a picture of Annie Duke's *** tatoo was posted on the board. now the sick part. I also remember that the picture in question had a lovely crap stain to the left of her crack. I bet my buddy about this and I have to produce the pic for the win. Could any of you sick FCP'ers help????The pic was of Duke bending over exposing her tatoo as well as a lovely brown colored sh!T stain. Kinda looked like the mark on Kenny Roger's palm from last week.Thanks!
  5. hey Dratj?If Daniel were taking a sh!t would watch that? I bet you dream of Daniel shooting a load on your face! Maybe someday you're dream will become reality.
  6. Nothing could be truthful than this!!All of you FCP's er's who live for the $2.20 sit n go's are the losers! You're main event consists of a $10 MTT tourny! Jamie has the money and FU to all of bash him!
  7. WWTS has always been rated highly. However, in my dealings with them they have been nothing but a pain in the ***. They change rules in mid-stream in all of their promos. They love to sucker and scam the customer. I lost over 60 dimes a couple of years ago with them in a three motnh period. They then reneged on a bonus that i was entitled.WWTS IS A SCAM SHOP AND SHOULD BE AVOIDED AT ALL COSTS
  8. Just wondering how or even if they are related?Bill and Kristy Gazes?
  9. Does that Evelyn "Never-cash" NG do anything other than look semi-good?I don't recall that (unt ever even cashing big?
  10. Just curious---I was a member of Planet Poker back in 1999 and lost over $50K on their site.Is there anything that can be done to get my money back?
  11. PC-Nice read. Hollywood is such a dump these days. Gl in the future.I play all over LA. Maybe I'll see ya someday.BTW- The $400 NL game at Hollywood is much juicier!!!!!
  12. Shirley Rosario is a fu(king skank and sh!tty player. She thinks she's all that when she's not. If you cut out her tits--she'd be a flat chested skank with a butta face. She sucks at poker BTW.That is all....
  13. Hey little danny san or little wang sucker as we call it here.....IT'S CALLED OBJECTIVITY YOU HOMO!Someday you'll understand that being a kiss-a$$ is no way to pursue life...
  14. LOL!!! Almost Sheet in my pants! Funny as hell. And as always only funny because it's TRUE!!!
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