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  1. I was at the Borgata last weekend in a 430 buy-in satellite for 2000 buy-in Deep Stack. I think overall I am an above average player but style is a little more agressive and loose than yours. I play alot of suited connectors and one-gappers if cheap and in late posistion. Anyway this hand came up early in the tournament. 1 out of 5 gets in through the Satelite. In the cutoff with KQ suited clubs with 6300 in chips. Starting stack is 7,000. A donkey in middle posistion limps in for 100. Blinds are 50/100 no antes. The reason he is a donkey is because we have played 20 hands and he has b
  3. Dominiant chip leader at final 10, wish me luck
  4. Wasn't a bad beat story, I just want to know how to play in a game like this. Super tight or play marginal and try to out play them or some other strategy in a game like this. You don't usually encounter people who aren't rich throwing hundreds of dollars on flush draws.
  5. Every friday night there is an extremely loose cash game. I mean the mother of all loose cash games. I have played three times, lost 1500, won 2800 and lost 1600. How do you play these games? Last time i decided to play extremely tight and not bet unless I had atleast top pair. No continuation bets and I called with draws on very good pot odds. Examples of some hands.In the BB for 5 dollars with Q(club) 2(club). Playing short stacked after a bad beat and only have 150 behind. Flop comes Q67 Rainbow. I bet the pot which is 30 and get one caller. An albanian who loves playing draws or
  6. The reason I felt to go all in after the flop was if no one bet, I should have the best hand most of the time since these players are not that sophisticated. I only would get check-raised by a monster and that would only happen 20% of the time in my estimation, i.e. a set.
  7. This I feel is an extremely difficult hand to play out because of the table dynamics and my overall table image. First the game is 5/5 No-Limit Cash Game, the money is real. Second this is an incredibly loose table, standard 3 and 4 times raises pre-flop are like checking. Third my table image is loose very aggressive. Fourth, no matter what, if they have any kind of draw, especially a flush draw, there is no way to bet anyone off their hand.There are two schools of thought in how to play a table like this. Common Sense is to play tight and hit them hard when you make a hand. Barry Green
  8. I am getting extremely supersticious about playing AJ. To be honest, I have taken bad beats, lost races and acutally called hands against AK and AQ against it. I hate this hand. Whats worse, when I am getting this hand I am playing it extremely poorly because I feel such dread with it. My poker tracker stats say its a loser for me at any posistion.Any advice on this?Just drop the hand whenever, just play really tight with it or am I overreacting?Thanks
  9. With what you put in on a the flop you have no choice but to call for odds against his range of hands. I would make a decision right there on the flop, push or fold, either one.
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