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  1. Hey does Alf13 or whatever his handle is still post on here? I know I know, I would PM him but I dont know his actual SN. Sorry. And hello to all the old posters... haven't posted here in years...
  2. hadnt read this yet, but I ran into the inside part, tried to step over, foot caught rope, pulled it down, it was only 2 stanchions and one rope, so they went down pretty easy... I dunno I guess it was really dick of me just to walk away, but still not deserving of a flying suckerpunch from behind into the street causing a concussion and doctor visits...
  3. thanks sick boy, no apoligies necessary... And finz, the only reason I was saying that no one should be attacked for talking shit, was because people were saying that I did, and I was trying to make the point that either way, no one should be attacked for talking, even though in my case I had said nothing. And what would FCP without our posts getting ripped apart initially? I mean, it's expected haha
  4. I totally understand the skepticism, as I didn't go into much detail in my original post, but those who know me on here will tell you that I am telling the truth. It literally happened exactly as I stated previously. I have no reason to leave anything out, as I was seeking a small bit of legal advice and would have to tell the story straight anyways, as there were 3 witnesses statements taken at the scene, 2 of which were not my friends. Sickboy, I send my love
  5. good man. yes I'm used to FCP's skepticism, and thanks.
  6. I cant quit doing what? Addressing previous statements?? GWC was talking about verbal declarations of intent to assault someone, and I was addresssing the fact that those actions are congruent with the definition of battery, which makes talking shit a different story in those cases, not just making derogatory remarks, but making threatening remarks obviously is different. In any case I made neither of which.
  7. I'm pretty sure when I said there was 0% interaction with the bouncer that qualifies as denying making any statements. And I agree GWC, it is hard to believe, thats why I'm pressing charges and hopefully sueing. And comparing fighting with someone to knocking something over is totally different. And what you're describing with the percieved verbal threat would be battery, which is breaking the law. Battery is different than just calling someone a faggot or something of that sort though....
  8. Alright I give up, I cussed the guy out, spit on him, shit on top of the bar, and assraped his girlfriend right in front of him, THEN i knocked over the pole on my way out...It's pointless to argue, as I know what happened and the witnesses there gave the same statements, I truly did nothing else... It's funny how this is so hard to believe, I mean, I have nothing to gain by leaving something out, I could care less if people think I'm a douche on an internet poker forum, it doesn't really affect my day-to-day...
  9. Exactly the point that I was trying to make to the people who were saying that some people deserve an ass-beating for saying derogatory comments, there is rarely, if ever, a reason to attack someone for a verbal offense. Sorry, but for those of you who disagree, please grow up...
  10. I truly don't get how it's so difficult to grasp this...I was on my way out of the bar, which I've been at many times before, and have seen this bouncer many times before. I'm not sure if the guy was having a bad day or whatnot, but I guess me knocking the pole over and the thought of him having to pick it up after me must have made him snap. I'm sure it wasn't nice of me to just keep walking and not pick it up, but so goes life. There was literally 0% interaction between me and the bouncer, I mean, he could have thought I was someone who had said something earlier, but I hadn't. And my point
  11. havent even read most of the replies yet, but to GWC, how i said it was exactly how it went down, i said nothing, no i didnt pick up the pole. and also like i said, in general you should never suckerpunch someone like that, no matter what is said in any situation.EDIT: It's a bouncers job to protect you and take care of the drunk people IE kick them out, it is not their job to attack them after leaving a club on their own, after accidentally knocking something over. You're right, I could have picked up what i knocked over but I didn't. The retaliation was hugely disproportionate to the offense
  12. actually tilt I am used to people discounting stories, it's no worries. I was more just making a point to the people that said that I may have deserved it. A person generally IMO should never be struck regardless of what they say. We arent in a barbarian society anymore, nor are we in high school. Adults should solve their problems like respectable members of society, not like tyrone from South Central. Talking to the officer who took my statement, I made a point to make sure he understood I had said nothing to instigate. The officer stopped me to remind me that what I said to him was of no co
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