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  1. Requested payout the 8th got it in my bank account today.
  2. I had a real money account on FTP without rakeback. For about a month I played a bunch of hands there then stopped. I waited a week, and emailed them saying I love your site and is my favorite by far, but with all the rakeback options out there it just doesn't make sense for me to continue playing here. I have heard of users getting rakeback to existing accounts before, is there anyway you can add rakeback to my account.They will more than likely come back with an email saying we'll put you on a list. It took about 2-3 months for my account to have rakeback added. They will set you up wit
  3. Good stuff guys. Any info on the free drink policies of either Caesar's or Mandalay Bay? I know there are ways around it anyway, betting on the horses, or just going to the slots/video poker tables nearby. dscoot or UCFrizzo, want a stake to a $4.40/180 or $5.50 mtt? 50/50 no stakeback.
  4. Damn Naismith that is pretty awesome. I know Caesar's is the place to be for NFL gamedays so I was assuming that would be a good place to be. Yeah I don't think I can afford to place $200 to get a free drink. I'll definitely check out Bally's though. Thanks for the information.
  5. I'll be in Vegas that weekend (April 24th-28th) and I want to post up in a sportsbook early on and watch it all day long. I've been there twice, but never that weekend. I've narrowed it down to Caesar's, Mandalay Bay, or the Bellagio. Anyone have any experience during that day in Vegas? Also I have heard a lot of casinos have cut back or stopped the free drinks in the sportsbooks. Any info on that?I'm not limited to those 3 choices, those just seem to have the best atmosphere's so if anyone has any other suggestions that would be great too.Thanks in advance to anyone who replies with usefu
  6. That is when I sent my original email. I was going to email them again today, but like I said they gave it to me today. You might be coming soon. Maybe give it another week then email them.
  7. This reminded me that I sent an email 2 months ago requesting rakeback. I was going to email them giving them the "I've been patient" blah blah "not going to play here ever again" blah blah... logged onto my email account and boom there was an email saying I have been selected as a loyal player to receive rakeback. Its through rakebackpros. Anyone have any experience with them? Comparisons to RakeUpdate?
  8. bored and dont want to play poker, anyone want to play ncaa on xbox. Ill give odds or a point spread if you want...or just for fun also if anyone wants to.
  9. Anyone Up for NCAA 09 on xbox in 30-45 minutes? I'm not gonna lie, I'm ranked pretty high(11th), for money makes it more exciting, but will play just for fun/pride.
  10. Looks like you are the only one. Sucks for you that you have to leave a winner. Maybe if you start it, it will get more interest because of your post count. You know how it is.
  11. Apparently Serge is not going to be running a betting pool this week. I tried searching the forum before posting this, but could not find anything related to it. If someone else has already made one, just point me in that direction. Is there anyone else that would collect the money. I can post the spreads, take the picks, and do the spreadsheet. I would offer to hold the money, but with my post count I'm sure some people would be uneasy about it. Maybe one of the last 2 winners would hold the money. So is there interest in this, for this week? Same rules as the last 2 weeks deadline 11
  12. And hang out with hot sloots.http://www.trojanwire.com/Matt%20Leinart%20girls%20Dirty.jpg
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