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  1. Yo, enjoyed your facebook post about the ranting chip lady.
  2. Good luck, Dan. I haven't been here in a while, but still remember my roots and starting out posting here. Knock it down for a big cash!(Everyone else, Hi! Long time no see!)
  3. Does anyone know if there are plans to archive the WSOP 2009 final table streams? I missed the Event 15 video coverage and want to see it, but don't see anything on pkr or espn360 showing that there is an archive of the final table streams....
  4. Have been watching the coverage and thought I'd peek back in the old stomping grounds to wish Daniel the best. Take it down, kidpoker.
  5. So, I get home yesterday to find what I shall call a chick and hen house party. My wifehas recently been laid off, and went back to school full time. In the mean time, she is enjoying the concept of house mom-ness, and is starting to hang out with all of the other housewives, which I affectionately( ?) call the hen house. When I got home there were four of the ladies and like 10 kids rampaging through my house. I did what any sane man would do, and fled to the office, locked it, and loaded me up a couple tables of the limit hold'em.I am running cold, simply not getting any cards, and the one d
  6. HUrmm... Elizabeth Montizanti's profile pic looks like she might be a hottie...HUrmmmm maybe not.
  7. "Evan McNiff raises to 25,000 and Andy Blocth moves all in from the button for 153,000. Tommy Vu is in the small blind and decides to re-push all in. He has Bloch covered. McNiff gets out of the way and the two players reveal their cards.Tommy Vu: AJAndy Bloch: QQThe board comes 962Q6 and Bloch doubles up to 345,000 with a full house. "A raise and a reraise all in, and Tommy thinks his AJo is good for a re-push? (yes, I am in playa hata mode today )
  8. Figure no reason not to keep these going..Updates still at: http://liveupdates.worldpokertour.com/tour.../?x=updatesnewsSo..."After being crippled just before the tables were redrawn, Shawn Cunix moves all in for 24,000 from under the gun. David Benyamine calls as does Nam Le from the big blind.The flop comes QJ8 and both Nam and Benyamine check. The turn is the A and Nam bets only 16,000. Benyamine folds.Cunix: K-xNam Le: J3.The turn is the 2 and Nam Le eliminates Cunix with a pair of jacks. "Dry side pot bet with second par and non nut flush draw? Er?
  9. Look, all I'm saying is I really appreciate it when gatortom has posted in a thread I am reading...
  10. Who pays off Phil Hellmuth like Loosh?
  11. The 2+2 line of books is very good. Also there is strat forms here, and there are coaching sites that have excellent videos to help you learn. As others have said, with more details, we can probably tell/help you more. :)As a good start, I suggest Sklansky's Theory of Poker and Miller's Small Stakes Hold'Em. Both of these books have served me well in learning the fundamentals I could then apply to different things as I got more experience.Ray
  12. I tried some of these for fun, starting with the wussy $1.10 turbos just to see what they were like. You need 6 out of ten to break even, and I was 6 out of 8 and then whiffed my last two to break even. Who blows two free rolls like me? The next to last breaker hand for the last one was amusing:http://www.pokerhand.org/?3533799Doh!Has anyone spread the $1 up to $10? Is $10 just as silly as the $1 ones?Ray
  13. I have never heard of UTG having to pay the pot in this scenario. I have heard of them being removed from the table for this, though. Online, I normally see a first time warning, a second time chat revocation.I agree totally that it sucks, but I don't think you were ever going to get the ruling you were looking for.Ray
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