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  1. Hey, I'm actually interested in both. Not really want to just specialize in one particular format. But the thing is that from my limited knowledge, I know that there are quite a lot of differences playing cash and tourneys. So would really want to know the differences and be able to try out both as well. By the way, would you mind if I ask why you don't play NL Hold'Em anymore? Thanks for the compliments guys, appreciate it, but still feel that there are a lot of things I still need to learn, getting good basics, the right fundamentals, and most importantly, the right experience as well. I
  2. Hey Guys,Once again, thanks a lot for all the replies here. I really appreciate the help that you more experienced players are sharing with a new player like me =) Thanks for the recommendation for books! I guess I'll look into "Getting Started in Hold'Em" by Ed Miller since you guys recommend that it'll be a good starter book. Will most probably get that one first and once again, we'll see how it goes and maybe progressing to other books in the future. =) Hmm, the reason why I want to learn is because in my opinion, compared to many other card games, poker has a lower luck factor th
  3. Hey guys, First of all, let me thank you for all the replies. =) I really appreciate it. Now, let me go into answering the questions. Hmm. For now, the only game I kinda know how to play is Hold'Em. Seems to be the easiest poker game to learn and start off with. (Correct me if I'm wrong) At the moment, I only know that there is Pot Limit and No Limit. Not really sure how PL works, because playing on Facebook is NL. Would want to learn more about Hold'Em first, then maybe slowly progressing to the other variations of poker. What do you think? Regarding the time/money, maybe it'll be good to
  4. Hello Everyone,I recently picked up the game as a couple of my friends just shared it with me. Texas hold'em really interests me, but the thing is that I'm not sure where I can go to learn the game properly and have a good foundation. Happen to chance upon this forum, and you guys seem to be real pros that I can learn from. Any recommendations on where I should go to learn? Or are any materials available that will be good? Cause I'm playing a bit on facebook, but seem kinda lost as to what I should do to improve my game.Hope I get some replies here. Thanks a lot guys!Regards,NicholasP.S: Sorry
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